Shoplicate Review

Is Ricky Mataka out of his mind or is Shoplicate really that awesome? Let’s find out.

Review of Shoplicate

shoplicateSo what is eCommerce and why is it blowing up everywhere? eCommerce is basically selling stuff online. It has been one of the driving force of the internet since the begging. The only problem was that it was reserved for mostly big brands and people with huge capital.

After all running an online store has always required a full staff of coders and administrators. It’s a constant workflow thathas to be watched 24/7. I mean who has time for that?

Lately it has became a lot easier with software and other tools that make adding products or managing your inventory less time consuming. Still, even with the upgrades getting anywhere with ecommerce was nearly impossible if you didn’t commit toyrself fully and/or didn’t have a huge capital to invest.

So what can a little man  do? Sell a house and borrow from everyone they know to just start a small online business? Or is there an easier way?

Luckly for us Ricky Mataka came up with Shoplicate. An easier way to create stores and managed them with ease.

So What is Shoplicate?

So what is it? First of all, it is a complete store analyzer and builder for the shopify network. We’re talking best selling items right in front of your eyes.  To make things even easier and smoother Ricky also adds way to sell items fro free. That means you don’t even have to buy, stock or do anything like that with your inventory.  How cool is that?

That’s not all. Thjere are liteltly hundreds of people main g money with Shoplicate and it didn’t even a 0.00000000001% dent into the eCommerce world.  Because ecommeorce is so big  it is hard to haev competition. you can’t have competition.

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