Print Profits Review – Door Close Today (July 2018 Bonus)

Can Michael Shih's Print Profits, an eCommerce model without dropshipping, FBA, warehousing and shipping make you $100k per month in 2018? Let's check out and see in the review.
print profits reviews

Creator: Michael Shih (Fred Lam)
Official Site:
Price: $997 or  three payments of $397 is the cost

This is your last chance to get PP System. Michael Shih is Closing the Doors in

[flipclock countdown=”true” date=”24th July 2018″ face=”hours” timezone=”America/Chicago”]

Once the doors are closed that's it, the system will be closed off to the public. However, you still have few hours left and Michael Shih is hosting a live Q&A session right now to answer any last questions you might have.

Click Here to watch it now.

Is Print Profits Right For You?

reviewsHowever, before we dive into the review, my buyer traffic bonus, and print-on-demand, and $1mm case-studies let’s get something clear. Print Profits is not an overnight get rich scam.

If you’re just looking for a something that supposedly makes money fall from the sky. There's no such thing and PP or this review is not for you.

With that said, if you're serious about building a real online business and taking advantage of the $500 Billion eCommerce market. Michael Shih’s system will do that for you.

Check out my review below and decide for yourself.

In short, it’s a brainchild of Michael Shih, a print-on-demand specialist, who makes over 6-figures per month from this model.

On top of that you have Fred Lam, an eCommerce and advertising veteran, responsible for one of the best drop shipping course in the last few years, Zero Up.

However, if you’re new to print on demand, e-commerce, or making money online, in general, this might not mean much to you. To make it clearer, Michael makes over $100,000 a month from selling T-shirts and other clothing items with custom graphic designs.

That means he DOESN'T buy in bulk, use dropshiping from China, or hande the printing and shipping himself.

All of it is handled by the print-on-demand companies Michael introduces to you in the member's area.

So what does Michael actually do? He gets the designs and promotes the store, let see how it's done.

The course itself is divided into eight modules. Each module is designed to cover a specific part of building an online business and has around 10 videos in each one. Let’s look at the modules:

  1. First one is about a building foundation for your print on demand business. It includes the mentality, basics, research, and getting your store created.
  2. Second focus on the designs you will be promoting. Which includes theory, researching designs, how to hire a designer, and if you like how to design your own.
  3. This one walks you through setting up your business. Here you will discover how suppliers and products work, price psychology, Facebook for business as well as researching and creating your fan base and potential customers.
  4. Here you will learn about extracting your potential customers. It means advertising and other methods to get visitors to your store. Make sure to check out my unlimited free traffic bonus, in the bonus section below after.
  5. This module helps you optimize. It’s clear that Michael knows how to advertise and in this one you will learn methods like the breakout, Kartel, ripple and many other ones he created.
  6. You learn all about automation. Once you set everything in motion, Michael has ways to automate most parts of your business so you can focus on scaling and expanding.
  7. Time to scale up. Having a successful store is great but doubling or tripling your profits makes it life-changing. In this module, you learn the use of funnels and apps to do just that.
  8. Finally, expansion is the name of the game. The difference between marketers and regular store-owners is that marketers want to focus on creating new opportunities and businesses. This module you learn how to expand your store into a six-figure business per month.

The course also features four special bonuses:

Merch by Amazon shows you how to sell your stuff on Amazon without having to worry about customer service or extra work.
Legging Mastery shows you how to create custom leggings that you can sell in your store. Not a lot of people know about this, so it’s a nice bonus that can increase your store’s revenue.
Funnels Stealer, you get tested and proven seven-figure funnels you can use at your store.
Google shopping, Michael's method to feature your store in Google Shopping. It also ties into my unlimited free traffic bonus I talk about in the end.

Finally, you also get biweekly training, which are online live Q&A sessions as well as training every two weeks. You’ll be able to ask questions, voice your concerns and learn the newest information about print on demand, ecommerce and traffic generating strategies straight from Michael, Fred and their team.

Click Here to join the team

Store-owners versus Marketers: Which one are you?

print on demandWould you rather spend months on creating and perfecting a store and not get sales, or create a store in hours and get sales the same day?

If you rather get sales and make money fast than you're definitely a marketer as they focus on results. They will often have a clear plan on how to create a store using tools and platforms available. It allows them to quickly and effortlessly to focus on promoting the store.

I’m happy to say that Michael’s system is for the people that want results. Inside Print Profits, he gives you the blueprint, the training, and the necessary tools to get your store up and running within hours. No guesswork or experience necessary.

I'm not saying you can't be passionate about your store, as I show you case-studies below, but you need to do it the right away.

eCommerce is going to hit $1 Trillion by 2024 in the US alone

shopify ecommerce

Did you know that in 2000 there was $27.61 billion in eCom sales in the US compared to almost $3 trillion total commerce sales?

That’s not even 1% of total sales.

Fast forward to today, all retail sales amounted to $4.863 trillion in 2017. Which is a decent 63% growth in the past 17 years.

However, eCommerce went from $27.61 billion to $453.5 billion. That’s a 1,543% increase in the past 17 years.

Do you know what's the best part?

eCommerce has been steadily growing by 14% to 17% per year for the past eight years.

It means that eCom sales will break half a trillion in 2018 and be more than a $1 trillion by 2024.

Not only that, but e-commerce is now 13% of all retail sales. Which means 1 in every 7.6 sales are made online.

What Does That Mean To Your eCommerce Store

It means that e-commerce is not slowing down and there is plenty of room to grow. From 2016 to 2017 alone there was a 16.9% increase in sales. It is where people like Michael, me and you can make money.

There are three main reasons why eCommerce keeps growing.

1. Naturally, it became more secure to buy online. It was mostly a problem in the early days of eCommerce. People were afraid to buy online.
2. Usability has greatly improved over the years. Not only do we have more items to buy online but the easier to buy as well as better prices. Plus, almost 97% of the adult population has online access at all times with mobiles.
3. Technology keeps improving. This reason makes both of the above possible. Which also gives a system like Print Profits chance to shine.

You see, thanks to technology we can both buy and sell easier.

If we go back 15 or even 10 years, selling online was a lot more difficult. To do it you needed to have distribution connections, learn coding, payment processing and fight against buyers fears and limitations.

These days all you need is a good system and Shopify to get started in hours. There is no more need to know all of that, or hire professionals.

Now all you have to do is get the products and visitors to your store.

Therefore, I believe eCommerce is one of the best and easiest ways to get started online in 2018.

Be part of the eCom revolution and join now

Million Dollar Print-On-Demand Case-Studies

My number one concern when getting into print-on-demand in 2018 was profitability. After all, PoP used to be big few years ago with sites CafePress and TeeSpring, but now not so much.

At least, that's what I thought. Let's just say I couldn't be more wrong. You see, many people left those sites started their stores on platforms like Shopify. Where you actually own your designs and can do whatever you want with them.

Here are 3 Shopify stores that got started with print-on-demand model.

ThinkPup –  Estimated Sales $1 million

Think Pup, as you might have already guessed it, is a Shopify store that focuses on dog lovers. The designs are simple and to the point. Despite that their estimated sales a million dollars per year.

What surprised me is the most about this store is that they only have 25 designs.

Shirtwascash -Estimated Sales $1 million

Shirtwascash is a bit different than most Shopify stores I researched. However, the wacky designs and general feel of the store must be working as they are generated over 47,000 orders and a million in sales. They also pride themselves at being different than any other t-short store.

UGMONK – Estimated Revenue $5.4 Million

Ugmonk is one of the most popular Shopify stores that focus mainly on t-shirts, but with a $5.4 million in revenue who can blame them. This store was a bit of surprise to me as it features mostly simple designs. Which shows you that you don't need to get fancy to sell a lot of shirts.

After researching different Shopify stores, I decided to include these 3 because they show different sides of print on demand.

Think Pup is all about what you're are passionate about. Your store and designs can about dogs, cats, fishing or anything else that brings you joy.

Shirtwascash, on the other hand, shows that being different can be a good thing. Heck, even their name stands out and is hard to forget.

Finally, Ugmonk is about simplicity. You can have an elegant design on a t-shirt that makes you millions.

printprofits bonusI mentioned before I worked with different eCommerce owners on getting them free organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. Now I want to do the same for you.

As my bonus, I’m offering to rank your eCom store on the top of Google for niche related keywords for free. That means you will get service I usually charge $10,000 or more as a complimentary bonus if you buy using a link on my site. Like THIS ONE here.

On top of that, I will personally teach you how to do that for your other stores in the future.

Putting it all together with my Bonus

If you combine Michael’s system with my bonus you get a nearlty autotamed. All you have to do is use Michael's blueprint to get started and claim your bonus.

However, you have to take the first step. Which shouldn't be a problem if you're really serious about making money with your store. PrintProfits gives you the opportunity to get into eCommerce without having to buy or order items before you sell them. So what's the riskl?

With that said, an opportunity like this doesn't come up often and Michael is closing the doors soon.

Click Here To The System and My Bonus Now

If you have any questions about Print Profits or just brainstorming ideas for your store or t-shirt designed and need some help, leave a comment and we can talk.

Amazing Selling Machine Review of X Edition [Oct. 2018]

Amazing Selling Machine X is out and causing quite a stir in the online world. Is it just rehashed and stale information, or long-standing system that has been redone and update for 2018? Find out for yourself in the review below.

Creators: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback
Type: eCommerce course  (Amazon's FBA)
Score: 4.7 stars
Price:1 Payment of $3,997 or 1 Payment of $3,997 or 5 Payments of $997
Official Site: Click Here

Is Amazing Selling Machine For you? It Might not

amazing selling machine 9I’ll be honest, Amazing Selling Machine, which teaches you how to create Amazon business from scratch,  is not a cheap course.

That's why I want to get this out of the way before you proceed to read my ASM review and find out how to get 33% more traffic at no cost to you.

But about that later.

The fact it costs around as much as a course in a private college is significant. We as a society believe that education is the key for a better future. So despite ASM being almost $4,000, I think it is worth every penny. So if you do have the means to invest that much into your future, you should read the review below and find out if it is right for you.

However, if there is just no way you would or can spend 4 grands on course that almost guarantees you'll make that back 10 times over, than you can stop reading and just leave.

 Review of Amazing Selling Machine: Was The Wait Worth it?

If you're reading this review, chances are you already know, or at least have idea, what is ASM. If you don't just watch the video below to find out in detail from the creators themselves.

However, to summerize it quickly it is complete blueprint to create a Amazon business as a private-label seller. Which means you'll be sourcing and selling products on Amazon using their FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) platform with your own brand.

ASM X Is Finally Here

Despite this being a 9th version of ASM, the creators, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, rarely open the doors to new students, and if they do it is just for few days.

You see, the main portion of the system is the 8 week of coaching, where you and other students can interact with Matt, Jason, and their coaches on live online calls on top of the 132 pre-recorder lessons.

It means the ability to ask questions, voice your concerns, and basically let the coaches know who you are, where you are and what you need to succeed.

Now if you’re not into the whole live coaching bit, or simply can’t make it, you can always watch the replays or submit your questions beforehand or after. Plus there is much more to the course than just live training, and that's the community.

Become Part of The Winning Community

The word community has been distorted in age of the internet. With the invention of social media, everyone of some kind of community these days.

I'm not talking about that kind of community, I'm talking a community of like-minded people that are in it together.

It's amazing how much you can learn from people that were at the same place you're now just month, 6 or a year before.

On top of that the support where you don't understand something, or you're down on your luck and nothing seems to work is great thing to have. We're all humans, and not everything will as planned.

It might sound cliche, and like some motivation BS. But the truth is that we are social creatures that need intereaction with other human-beings , hence why social media is so popular. The people that deny that or laugh at it, are usually the ones that need it most.

Click here to get ASM now

eCommerce Is Really That Great?

I often get asked why I consider eCommerce to be the best strategy to make money online in the past few years and in the future. This is rather simple, but maybe you have a similar question so let me answer it in detail.

You see, I’ve started online with affiliate marketing, which I still do, but for the past few years I’ve moving away from it and into eCommerce. Why?

fred lam zero upSimple answer would be, profits. eCommerce will exceed $500 billion in sales this year. Affiliate? Will barely break $5 billion. Do I need to say more?

However, let’s break it down a bit more. While there is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing, and plenty of people are making good money with it, there are also many problems.

For example, on paper affiliate marketing looks great for a beginner. You don’t need capital, products, a store front, or even idea what you want to promote.

Problems start when you actually get into it and find out there for every affiliate offer you want to promote, there are thousands if not tens of thousands of people already promoting it.

eCommerce on the other hand has competition but is has millions of products and there are constantly new markets, and trends emerging. You’ll always be able to find something to sell to make a good profit.

Of course, eCommerce has its cons as well. It is more expensive to get into, and it requires start up work before you get started. Which is better for you if you want to get started with eCommerce.

You’re probably thinking that’s counter intuitive, you don’t want to pay more to get started?

Think of it as a pre-qualification for the job. If you’re looked for a job, they always have a certain amount of requirements before you even apply. Imagine if they didn’t?

Everyone that would even slightly interested would apply and bug down the whole process. So despite the fact that the people not qualified would not likely get the job, it would still make it harder for you, even if you were qualified, to get the job, or even an interview.

This is why I believe the requirement of getting into eCommerce is a good thing in the long run if you’re serious about it and have the means to do it.

Best Amazing Selling Machine Bonus?

It’s especially true if you will get my bonus. Now I don’t want to brand but getting 33% more views, leads, and customers is one of the best ways to grow your business.

Don’t you think? Especially if you don’t have a to lift a finger to get it.

That’s right, I’ll get you 33% more traffic with SEO as my bonus. So what are you waiting for? Grab Amazing Selling Machine X now.

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Zaarkly Roundtable Mastermind Review – Ticket To 7-Figures?

Zaarkly Roundtable Mastermind combine Seven 7-figure eCommerce experts into one course. Find out why that is a total game-changer in the review below.

zaarkly elite roundtable mastermindCreators: Seven eCom Mentors
Market: eCommerce
Price: $1497 (but if you use my link its $997)
Official Site: Click Here

Six $1 Million Mentors in One System?

There are tons of eCommerce products, systems, courses and DFY stores out there and I've tested most of them. Some were good, some bad, while most were total crap.

So where does Zaarkly Elite Roundtable Mastermind rank? Near the top, and it definitely is one of the best eCommerce courses of 2018 so far.

The idea of havinng 7+ mentors in one course could have gone both ways. Either be a total disaster where everyone and everything contradicts itself, or well thought-out perspective and complementing information.

While it's not exactly pitch perfect system, Zaarkly manages to put together in one easy to navigate and understand system. You can unique point of views,  strategies and inside look into work of some of the best eCom experts online.

So let's take a look inside:

zaarkly elite roundtable mastermind reviews


Inside workshops there are 3 video trianing courses and a Mentorship program with live training.

  • Shopify Start-Up Masterclass – Jason Miles’ 73 lessons about the ins and outs of Shopify
    • Preparation, everyhting about Shopify, how to get started and an overview of the course.
    • Shopify Themes, 9 videos on themes that include selecting, implementing, and working.
    • Shopify Apps, overview of best apps that improve design and functionality of your store.
    • Products & Payments, overview of products, payment processing set-up and getting paid.
    • Email Marketing,combine email marketing and use of coupons, raffles, polls and etc.
    • Social Media Integration, use social media for reach, brand awareness and visitors.
    • Analytics,  understanding Shopify analytics and reports to maximize sales.
    • Shopify Site Build Demo, video series on building an entire Shopify store.
  • Shopify Competition Research – this will show you how to find the most profitable products with the drop-shipping :
    • Copy the most successful drop shipping stores
    • Products that generate $1000 a day
    • Shopify apps that increase sales and experience
    • Facebook Ad strategies that will help you get started
  •  Manie’s Workshop –  Manie Amari course on Shopify and Facebook Ads:
    • 7 lessons on how to start with drop-shipping today without exprience
    • Million-dollar mindset training
    • Shopify funnel that works both on pc and mobile
    • Retargeting done right to maximize conversations
    • 8 case FB ads studies that cover more advanced tactics
  •  Mentor Program (Recorder & Live Training) – this is the main part of the course. Here  each lesson will be presented live online and recorded for later viewing.
    • Learn from some of the biggest names in eCommerce
    • Ask questions live and get answers live
    • If you can’t watch it live there will be a recording


The next section is about millionaire mentors that are going to coach you. These include:

  • Michael Koh – a specialist on competitive research, copywriting market fit and brand building
    • Co-Founded Treetotub
    • Sold a startup for $165 million
    • Worked at Google
  • Jason Mile – an expert on email marketing, social marketing, and integration of these into ecommerce
    • Launched Pixie Faire, ranked 503rd out of 500,000 Shopify stores
    • His stores averages 40,000 to 50,000 sales per month
    • Top 1% seller on Shopify
  • Kyle Hamar – a result oriented marketer that specializes in scaling
    • Amazon and Shopify expert
    • Ranked in the 2% of all Amazon sellers
    • His stores reached over $1 million in value
  •  Manie Amari – Shopify Jedi that now focuses on helping others
    • 8-Figure eCommerce expert
    • Coached many students to $100k per month
    • Did $371,653 in sales in 4 weeks with Shopify
  • Charles Livingston – eCommerce legend and a gamechanger in the supplement market
    • His eCom business is worth over $11 million
    • Bestselling author
    • Even his side projects make 6-figures per year


No matter what you do, you need an exit plan. With Zaarkly Exchange you’ll be able to sell your store, if you choose to, through their team of brokers for 6 figures.

This is good if you want flip stores quickly.


ZAARKLY Outsourcing Network let's you scale fast with ease. I’ve done this in my other businesses and once you start outsourcing it goes a lot smoother.

The mentors went through the same problems and combine their solution into a Rolodex.

  • Find Suppliers – good and reliable suppliers are a most of an eCom business. Find out which ones the pros use with ease.
  • Content Creation –  Good content creates your brand, social outreach and building a community. Do no overlook it.
  • Customer Service – Stop loosing sales by outsourcing a customer service rep cheap.
  • Graphic Design and Artwork – logos are the most memorable thing of any brand and a good one can make a business.
  • Products Sourcing | Order Processing –  an VA can take care of most of the work of ordering products and processing orders for you. A great way to save time.
  • SEO/SEM – many established stores get over half of their visitors from the search engines such as Google and Bing. This will help you find them.

However, check out my SEO bonus where I’ll do the SEO for you if you buy through my link. More details in the bonus section.

FB Networks

Being part of a communing of like-minded people that want to help each other and succeed together is foundation for a good business. I can't count how many times I relied on someone in different marketing communities.


Check out the FAQ, forum and ticket-based support system. These guys are on top of it all.

Just posted this:

Amazing Selling Machine 9 Review [Apr. 2018] + 33% Traffic Bonus

Is Zaarkly Roundtable Mastermind Worth It?

When someone asked me that question right after I finished going through the course my immidient answer was, 100% yes. I mean if you ever wanted to learn eCommerce from the top guys in the industry ZRM is a no brainier.

However, after a minute or so I realized that the person was not asking if it was worth it for me, but for him. You might have the same concern.

After all, I already got the course and making some killer gains so of course it was worth it for me. With that said, it doesn't mean it will be the same for you. So let me elaborate.

First of all, if you're reading this review you're either interested in making a bunch of money online or really enjoy reading reviews. I'm guessing it's the former.

So let's not beat around the bush or talk BS.  Let me ask you a few question and we'll get to the bottom of this quickly.

  • Are you ready to spend at least hour a day watching the training + additional hour or 2 per week for the live training.
  • After that are you ready to work at least an hour a day, I recommend 2-3 for maximum results, on your eCommerce store?
  • Are you able to follow simple direction and not second guess ever step?
  • Are you going to get shit done when you need to? Actually follow the training and do it?
  • Finally do you want to make a bunch of money or no?

Now if you answered “yes” to these question that should give you an idea o how much such a program would be worth for you.

So maybe a question should be if the financial and personal freedom you get with the system is worth the price of the product?

Be Part of Zaarkly Elite Mastermind

Not only that. but you're also be a part of a group with the current 7 and 8-figure eCommerce earners as well people that are just starting out and are trainees for the 8 figure businesses.

ZERM includes an private Facebook Group, as well as a Skype group and an actual live mastermind every 3 months.

The sense of community is pretty amazing, and being with people at all levels of marketing experience really gives a sense of belonging.  In fact, the groups and mastermind is worth the price alone.

eCommerce is Blowing Up in 2018

Every year I keep telling people to get into eCommerce if they want a stable longterm online business. I'm talking a business that:

  • you own and not a CPA, affiliate or social media marketing
  • include profit margins of 25% to 50% on average
  • has potential to grow at 15% per year
  • has millions of products that you can sell
  • you can sell for millions of dollars in a year or two

But what's so special about 2018? Well, eCommerce will break half a trillion dollars in sales this year and if you want to get a slice of that you better act now.

I'm not saying this to scare you or anything but eCommerce has been growing at about 15% per year for the past 8 years. It is also why people that never done eCommerce are able to jump on it and make 6 or 7-figures in their first year.

With that said, such growth periods are going to changed, most likely, by 2020. Which doesn't mean eCommerce will not be profitable by that time. Quite the opposite, as by 2020 eCommerce could have half of the whole retail business on specific items.

It simply means that it will start to get harder to get into eCommerce once the intial boom is done.


Finishing Up Zaarkly Elite Roundtable Mastermind Review and Bonus Reveal

Congratulation on making these far into the review. This means you're committed and can hang with the big earners. With that said let's quickly recap what you get with ZERM system.

  • Weekly Live Training with & figure mentors
  • A to Z Shopify training
  • eCommerce Masterclass
  • Facebook Group
  • Skype Group
  • Live mastermind every 3 months
  • eCommerce system that can take you to 7 or even 8-figures
  • You life back?

Let's face it, we all want something in life. Maybe it is more vacations, parties or time with the loved ones? How about a sports car, SUV or maybe a beach house. For all these and everything else you need cash, there is no way around it.

Take a minute and think what running 7-figure online eCommerce store from your home would mean to you? Got it? so what are you waiting for

2018 is the best year to get into eCommerce and Zaarkly Roundtable Mastermind is your ticket in.

Click Here to get started.

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