Palm Beach Confidential Review – Next Bitcoin? [August 2018 Update]

Teeka Tiwari from Palm Beach Confidential believes Bitcoin can hit $65,000 by the end of the year. While other smaller coins might see even bigger gains. Are you going to miss that opportunity?

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New to Cryptocurrency? Don't worry I've got you.

questions about cryptocurrencyIf you’re new to investing into cryptocurrencies, or cryptos in general, your mind is probably racing at 100 miles per hour right now.

There has been so much information, news, and chatter about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that it would make anybody’s head spin.

If that is happening to you, just take a deep breath and relax. The truth is that YOU don’t have to know everything about cryptocurrencies to make a lot of money with it. In fact, knowing less can help you at times.

A great example of this is on a sideways market. In the crypto world if the prices are dropping, or even when they stay in one place for too long, people start panicking.

That combined with a flood of fake news and they really start to lose it.

If you have experienced that, you know how easy it is to make a mistake at a time like that. However, don't worry, it's just a way we are wired. All you really need is some reassurance.

So instead of risking sleepless nights every time you purchase a coin, or even think about buying one, why not have a expert on your side with a team of full time cryptocurrency analysts?

You might be thinking that you rather not invest at all. You don't need this right? Well, you're here reading this and even if you don't care about cryptos you do care about those 1,000% gains.

You see, fear of missing out is as real as panic selling. In fact, many people will panic buy if they think they will miss out on something big.

Than when the prices fall they panic sell and the cycles continues.

Another popular mistake is the size of the investment.

Cryptocurrency gave us an opportunity to invest a $100 and make $1,000 or even $10,000 in a short period of time.

However, if you're in the fear of missing out state, you just go for it. After all, you have to make up for opportunity loss by not investing earlier, right? I guess you can answer that yourself.

The bottom line is that you don't want to be that person that panic buys and panic sells. Not only will you lose money but you might get ulcers from all that stress.

Well, I pretty much described myself before joining Palm Beach Confidential.

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Life After PBC Newsletter

You see, before subscribing to the newsletter I would just scavenge the web for any news about Bitcoin, Ethereum or upcoming coins for hours on end.

However, most of it just produced a big headache for me and no real gains.

There’s just too much unproven information from so called experts that don’t even own the coins they are promoting or bashing.

That’s why after seeing the proof from testimonials and more importantly from Teeka Tiwari's portfolio, which has all of his recommendations since 2016, I decided to invest in Palm Beach Confidential picks.

After all, you can't fake over 2 years of recommendations.  That's why Teeka is often talked about as the most trustworthy Crypto expert. In fact, he was even voted as one in a recent crypto convention in Texas.

Which is not a surprise as Teeka is well know for making other people tons of money. From him becoming the youngest vice president in Lehman’s Brothers history to running a successful hedge fund which made his clients millions.

However, after seeing the potential of cryptocurrency changing not only the finance space, but whole world he quit Wall Street in 2013 and went into cryptos full time.

So after all of that I knew Teeka Tiwairi and Palm Beach Confidential was the best way to go.  I mean, what were my other options?

On one side I have faceless forum users, unknown bloggers, and teens on YouTube talking about investing into wild coins without any proof.

While on the other I have financial expert like Teeka Tiwari with a proven track-record and a full-time team of analysts working for him. Guess which one I chose?

On top of that Teeka gives you a 1000% total gain guarantee, or PBC is free.

So join now and start earning not worrying.

What I Like About PBC

One of the main things that surprised me about PBC is the amount of resources the member's area has.  At first, I thought it was like most newsletter I subscribed to before.

Basically a report with few picks or recommendations.

However, the monthly newsletters is often 20 pages long, with precise buy-up-to price, future predictions and even a back-story about each recommendation.

Other resources include Teeka's portfolio, additional reports, FAQ, video training on how to buy, sell and store cryptos, and frequent updates on what's happening in the cryptocurrency space.

I explain each one of those in the overview of PBC below.

However, as you can see it's a complete suite for all your crypto needs. It's more than enough to get up to speed in the cryptocurrency space and start investing into Teeka's picks.

With that said, you don't have to buy every recommendation Teeka makes. However, it is good to put in at least $5 or $10 into each one to have a horse in the race.

For example, Teeka recommended NEO when it was $0.13 back in 2017. Currently it’s worth $39.59. Which means if you invested a $10 back then it would be worth, $3,045.38 today. Not bad for a price of a fast food meal.

With cryptos and the newsletter you don't need to mortgage your house or sell your firstborn to make a lot of money. In fact, Teeka often recommends putting a $100, $500 or at most $1000 into a single coin.

It's a good strategy to diversify your investment into several coins. It minimizes your loses if one of them ends up not performing the way you wanted. As well as, give you  more chance to get those 10,000% or more winners.

With that said, most people that lost money were the ones panic buying or selling or unwillingly to wait out a dip. Which I talked about earlier.

With experts like Teeka Tiwari and whole team at PBC you're safeguarded from these mistakes. Inside the Palm Beach community you will be surrounded by people that have been in the cryptocurrency space for long time, and have lived through it all.

So even when the market goes sideways you can just look to the people that surround you in PBC community and see what they are doing.

Seeing people that have millions invested into cryptocurrencies not panicking, or even worrying, about the volatility of the market really puts your mind at ease.

In fact, it helped me to get through the first ups and downs when got started with the newsletter. In the end I kept a cool head and profited from it.

You see, volatility is one of the things that makes cryptocurrencies so profitable.The good news is that Bitcoin and other coins always bounce back bigger than ever.

What I Didn't Like About PBC

It's hard to not like something that made you bunch of money, but nothing is perfect.

My first concern with the newsletter was the price. While now I know it's worth it, back when I was getting started it was significant. However, the 1,000% total gains guarantee or it's free, sealed the deal for me.

Another was that Teeka doesn't recommend ICOs, which are initial coin offerings that you can get into before the coin is public, because they are dangerous.

Well, I've learned this the hard way as I still went out and invested in couple of ICOs. Let's just say that none of them reached their potential and now I stay away. I guess Teeka was right.

Finally, I didn't like the idea that PBC opens only once or twice a year for a short period of time. However, it started to make sense, after all it is a confidential newsletter.

Why is Palm Beach Confidential Newsletter – So Confidential?

palm beach confidentialYou see, when Teeka Tiwari and Tom Dyson decided to create the PBC, they had a particular type of investment in mind. A one that is cheap to get into, but has the potential to skyrocket.

These picks are aimed to have at least 10x profit within 12 months.

That means if you invest $500 you could gain $5,000 and that $5,000 would potentially be $50,000. In fact, many of Teeka's previous picks gained up to 14,354% in just 6 months.

However, some of the Teeka's best picks were small or even unknown coins. Many of them could have been bought for under a dollar, like NEO, which was $0.13 when Teeka recommended it in 2017.

Now imagine if tens of thousands, of people, jumped on that one cryptocurrency? The profit opportunity on that investment would end up being a fraction of its true potential.

teeka tiwariThat's why when you sign up for Palm Beach Confidential you will be a part of the elite few getting picks like these at least once a month.

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Can You Really 10X On a Cryptocurrency in 1 year?

While I can't disclose Teeka's current picks, you have to join the newsletter to see those, I can show you the previous year so you can see what is possible with cryptos.

First, let's look at the biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. At the start of 2017 it was $963.66 and at the end it was $14,156.4 that's 13x or 1,369% increase to be exact.

Teeka predicted that Ethereum would skyrocket in 2017, and it did just that. Ether started the year at $8.15 and at the last day of 2017 it was $717.26, that's a 8,701% gain.

NEO, a cryptocurrency that was around $0.14 when Teeka recommended it has grown to $72.40 by the end of the year for a 51,614% gain.

As you can see a lot can happen in a single year in the cryptocurrency space. What's even more interesting is that these coin, like most cryptocurrencies, start to pick up momentum toward the end of the year.

Just look at the Bitcoin chart, where it's slowly going up until skyrockets in December. Ethereum had bump at the end of June, but doubled its price by December.  Finally, NEO increase a lot in late August, and like others went to the top in December.

Most significant movements happen in the second part of the year and there is a reason for that. Teeka knows this and that's why the July release date is so significant.

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Inside Palm Beach Confidential Review

So what do you get inside Teeka's PBC?

palm beach confidential review

The member's area is divided into several sections. I'll briefly explain each one below. However, each section has detail overview inside the course, so don't worry about it.

  • Welcome Center: here you will find a welcoming video from Tom Dyson and Teeka Tiwari as well as the 4-step plan to get started with PBC.
  • User Guide: a handy manual that explains everything about PBC, what's where, and what you can expect from this newsletter.
  • Crypto Corner: here you find all the information and tutorials on buying, selling, and storing cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world.
  • Issues: a monthly newsletter about the biggest opportunities in cryptocurrencies and top Teeka's recommendations.
  • Updates: news, sell recommendations, changes or anything that just can't wait is send as updates.
  • Portfolio: Teeka's past, present and future recommendations. In top picks for cryptocurrencies, short-term big gains cryptos, and even stocks.

The thing I like about Palm Beach Confidential is that it has all the information in one simple subscription. You not only get the top picks for 10x or even 160x but also detailed information about the process.

It includes how to buy and sell cryptos no matter where you live.  How to store cryptos, what wallet or vault is the best, and so on.

Also, the monthly newsletter is not a simple pick. You actually get all the information behind the research and why it is the best time to invest. Which makes sense considering each recommendation is vetted to the max.

www.jointeeka.comIs It The Right Time For Palm Beach Confidential?

As you can see from the information above 2017 was the biggest year in cryptocurrency ever.

However, did you notice that most of the gains actually started around half way through 2017 and not at the start?

It's not a fluke, and according to Teeka's own research as well as his sources' it is only the beginning.

It is projected that 2018 will smash 2017's records on all accounts. And you could have a front row seat to the show with Palm Beach Confidential.

An opportunity like this doesn't come by often. In fact, you should expect at least 10 to 20 years for anything of this magnitude. Can you really afford to pass this by? Join Palm Beach Confidential today

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