How To Automate Your Dropshipping Shopify Store: EZ Way

When I got started with Shopify several years ago there weren't many apps, systems or even guides to automate your Shopify store as much as possible.

This means you had to do everything manually from adding designing your store, adding products, writing descriptions and, worse of all, fulfillment.

These days it's a lot easier as shopify has tons of apps for everything from sourcing products, inventory, shipping and tracking.  Here's a link to Shopify App Store.

However, in this article I'm not going to go over any individual apps. There are plenty of articles about those around the net already.

Plus even with apps you're only semi-automating your store at best and the whole set up is a real nightmare. I on the other hand use a whole system that let's me do everything in 3 steps.

Do You Want Your Shopify Store To Be On Autopilot 24/7?

shopify dropshipping autopilotNow I know this solution is not for everyone. For example if you like playing around with your shopify store for hours on end by customizing everything yourself. Or testing and trying every app there is to fit your need. Or maybe you just rather pay someone to do it for you. If so this might not be for you.

However, if your number one goal in starting a shopify store is to make money in most streamlined way and not getting bugged down by technical stuff. Or if you just want to spend an hour or two and have the whole store ready to go on autopilot than this is for you.

The system I use is called Zero Up by Fred Lam and you can read a full review of it HERE.

Why I Chose Zero Up?

I'll be honest, one of the reasons I did it is because I'm lazy and don't feel like spending 4 hours a day on the store, but more importantly I wanted to make money faster and easier.

You see, with Zero Up all you have to do is connect your Shopify account to it and you're ready to go.

  • In fact, ZeroUp has 10 pre-designed themes + over 180 stores build into it. which means you can have a store in just several clicks.
  • It's also integrated with biggest dropshipper, AliExpress, so you can have your store filled with products with , again, just few clicks. It also offers advanced sorting by orders, ratings and etc.
  • My favorite part is the 100% order fulfillment automation. The system will order for you and get you the tracking code for hands-off fulfillment. This is very helpful if you have a lot of stores.
  • Drag & Drop Funnel Builder is also included for specific campaigns and ads.
  • Profit mutiplier lets you intergrate text, coupon, image or video to highlight your winners.
  • Last but not least, it also features email integration with  over 11 email autoresponders done.

However, that's just the system you also get video training on everything eCommerce, Shopify, AliExpress, and getting traffic to the store. You can learn more about it inside the review or Click Here to get Zero Up now.

Benefits of Automation

Now aside of getting your store done quickly (without paying anyone) there are other benefits of creating Shopify stores.

  • Substitute a full time income without doing it it full time. Money is a bog thing but being able to earn 9 to 5 income from working an hour or so a day is life changing.
  • Spend time with your loved ones. It's hard to put a price on just being with your family and friends without having to worry about missing work or not making enough.
  • Find a hobby or other projects. While I enjoy eCommerce I also have other hobbies, that unfortunately don't pay as well, so I use the Shopify earning to pay for those.
  • Start a business, eCommerce or different. this one is an interesting…

Start Your Online Business (Doesn't Have To Be eCom)

I noticed that most of us, even those working online, are always chasing something. What I mean by that is that even when making a decent income we still grind it out for more. This can lead hating what you do or even burning out.

That's why I recently decided to focus on my passions and start online businesses I truly care about.  Think about something that you would like to do everyday after getting up. Or something you really care about.

Sounds like some online guru right? Well, I'm not saying that Zero Up will be that for you. I mean it can if you're really passionate about having an online store, but it doesn't have to be.

I for example started using a percentage of my time and money to fund projects I really care about. These often are not very profitable at the start but can be build out to real business with time and care.

So hopefully this was helpful, and please leave comment below if you need anything else or want other ways to automate Shopify store.


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