The Near Future Report Review: Is 2020 The End by Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown just launched The Near Future Report and you should check it out. The Next Trillion Dollar coin is here.

near future report review

So if you're fed up with the 1 or 2 percent gains that financial institutions provide, sick of the brief 10 or 20 percent climbs you can receive from following excellent Wall Street firms, you obtain ill simply thinking about Forex as well as the headaches that include money bargains, and you've definitely had enough of taking a look at alternate financial investments such as fine red wines, antiquities, and also various other choices that relocate at a snail's speed, after that possibly the moment for you to get in the hot market of modern technology, as well as the explosive potential it brings.

You will also obtain Jeff Brown's Special Expert report: Exactly how to Make 21 Times Your Money from the ‘Crypto Impact': This is his entire failure of the complicated crypto market in straightforward terms.

Inside The Near Future Report

Jeff Brown, the editor of The Future Report, began his regular monthly newsletter of technology supply choices in 2017. The Near Future Report is a premium financial investment research solution provided by Jeff Brown as well as released through Bonner as well as Partners. Our large-capitalization growth supplies attach to revolutionary shifts in modern technology like 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computer, as well as extra … And also they are dependable, sleep well in the evening” picks that have the possibility for double-digit returns.


As a matter of fact, as of Friday's closing, a bucket of greater than 2 lots technology supplies covered by investment company D.A. Davidson has actually appreciated 9.6% generally (contrasted to the Nasdaq's 7.1% drop) because February 19, when the coronavirus break out started to make major progression into the US, according to a note released on Sunday. When it comes to the technology industry, where valuations largely rest on what companies might be able to accomplish in the future, investor pessimism can lead to significant swings in stock price. That's because in unsteady times, technology supplies frequently take the first– and hardest– whipping.

The stock is currently priced at $19.3 per share. The stock is currently priced at $12.5 per share. The stock is currently priced at $9.74 per share.

Jeff Brown's Tech Stocks Picks

The stock is currently priced at $15.2 per share. The stock features a quarterly dividend of $1.63 a share, for a yield of 5.35%, based on the closing price of $119.33 on June 12.

(This is the initial in a collection of stories about innovation stocks that capitalists might be overlooking.) The firm which possesses YouTube, Google Cloud, Android, Chrome, as well as Google Play, and Nest among other organisations is surrounding a trillion buck market capitalization with a strong tailwind of growth continuing to reinforce its financials. Wall Street analysts' have actually established 1-year rate to reach $33.56. The cost performance of shares has actually disappointed much promise, which somewhat minimizes its charm as an attractive financial investment chance yet the scale of its incomes as well as client base make it difficult to forget, particularly as it is tethered to Chinese development in coming years.

The software company reported $0.28 incomes per share for the quarter, going beyond the agreement quote of $0.24 by $0.04. The business had actually posted $0.20 profits per share in the same duration in 2015. The company, co-founded in 2009 by Jeff Eco-friendly, that is presently Chairman as well as CEO and also Dave Pickles, CTO, provides the technology as well as information to develop personalized advertisement experiences and help marketing professionals simplify their TV and electronic media methods. During the quarter, Cerence authorized its two biggest agreements ever before: one for its Side (in-car AI) technology and an additional for its cloud-connected solutions.

Right here, we'll look at 14 of the most effective tech supplies and other technology-adjacent business that you may not hear as much regarding. Truth Shares NASDAQ NexGen Economy ETF (NASDAQ: BLCN)– Established via a collaboration between Reality Shares and also the NASDAQ, this ETF is focused on producing long-term growth with a concentrate on blockchain-related companies. For Wang, technology's continual double-digit development, the winners-take-all dynamics of their services and also the different procedures instilled with mounds of data, are also attractive for investors to pass up.

I still believe modern technology stocks remain the leaders since that's where the development is, but evaluations have come down, as they ought to have.” 3 Development Tech Stocks to Purchase During Ongoing Coronavirus Volatility. Supplies of some companies that would gain from the reopening of businesses adhering to the lifting of limitations to stop the spread of coronavirus saw gains on Monday regardless of the United States surpassing 2.5 million favorable cases over the weekend break, according to figures by John's Hopkins University.

Tech stocks also aided to push the marketplaces higher as Apple supply obtained 2.30 percent as well as Facebook grew 2.11 percent. The cloud computing providers reported blowout first-quarter outcomes at the beginning of Might, boosting its profits from a loss per share of 30 cents in the year-ago duration to a loss of 6 cents per share. The global leviathan next reports profits on July 30. Agreement calls for revenues per share of $1.37 for the 2nd quarter, while profits is forecast to increase 27% compared to the same duration a year earlier, to $80.6 billion, reflecting strength in both shopping as well as cloud computer.

Stocks Picks Inside The Near Future Report

The usage situations” of these firms' products are predicted to tremendously expand, since technology is guiding us in that instructions irrespective of the tops and valleys of the securities market. The “use cases” of these firms' items are forecasted to tremendously grow, due to the fact that innovation is steering us in that direction irrespective of the peaks and valleys of the stock market. And, more specifically, tech stocks in huge growth markets.

Alibaba is yet to pay a dividend to shareholders, but the company has bought back stocks from investors. Technology stocks offer something for all types of investors. Trust NASDAQ-100 Technology Index Fund: This ETF aims to match the performance of the NASDAQ 100 Tech Index, which contains the 100 largest US tech stocks.

The industry is large: the five most valuable publicly-listed businesses in the world are technology stocks. In particular, combined capitalization of tech giants Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet's Google, popularly known as the FAANG stocks, had increased 3.5 times until this month's sell-off. If you're interested in buying a few shares of a technology company, apply the Rules that you would apply to any other investment.

Tech stocks will continue to take over more of the market and investors' portfolios. Now, at certain times, it seems as if technology companies are being bought or sold together based on a particular group characteristic rather than on individual company fundamentals. Technology companies have been known for their innovations and for the lofty expectations placed on them, making the sector traditionally one of the most volatile on the stock market.

There's no doubt market volatility has declined broadly as stocks have climbed steadily for the past 17 months, supported by central bank-induced liquidity, an improving global economy and earnings growth. Not so much anymore: Technology stocks are currently among the least volatile in the S&P 500 and are experiencing an influx of broad-based buying by a cross-section of investors. The group of tech stocks analyzed by Golub are expected to grow revenue at a faster clip than all of the other market industry groups.

In contrast, today tech is selling at 21 times its projected earnings over the next four quarters, which is just a 3-point valuation premium to the overall market. Every time technology stocks soar into the stratosphere, comparisons to the Internet stock bubble of 1999 inevitably follow. Regardless of the quarter-to-quarter shifts in the economy, investors have confidence that secular themes -cloud computing, AI or internet retail – support tech earnings.

Perversely, the current environment of soft growth and hard-to-quantify growth shocks, i.e. the coronavirus, supports liquidity and by extension tech shares. I last wrote about technology and growth stocks in September. A Caltech graduate, Luke has consistently been recognized as one of the best stock pickers in the world by various other analysts and platforms, and has developed a reputation for leveraging his technology background to identify growth stocks that deliver outstanding returns.

Jeff Brown Reviews

The small-cap technology company provides cloud-based social media management software solutions, through an end-to-end platform that helps brands to do everything related to social media, from deciding what to post, posting, tracking the post, responding to posts and everything in between. Shares have since dropped more than 3% on concerns that the huge coronavirus-inspired surge in cloud communications demand will unwind as the physical economy reopens, and companies can once again lean into physical communications. In the absence of being able to physically communicate (since the world shutdown), demand for cloud communications tools soared amid the coronavirus pandemic, and shares of Twilio– widely considered the world leader in text-based, business-to-consumer (B2c) cloud communications– powered higher.

Wall Street's worried, and stocks are falling off a cliff– even tech stocks who were, for the most, the superstars of the big March, April and May market rally From its early June highs, the tech-heavy Nasdaq-100 index has shed 5%. This chart shows the index and share-price growth of select tech companies through June 17.

At least those who bought tech stocks on the market dip earlier this year have a buffer should sentiment quickly change. It was not anywhere near as easy for small investors to put their money into overseas-listed technology stocks 20 years ago. It is a stunning rise and rise for the tech stocks and is not confined to the US industry titans – the FAANG companies of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (owned by Alphabet).

The Near Future Report Bonuses

That influx of interest drove its stock back up: At one point, it was trading at almost double its pre-bankruptcy levels, just to give you a sense of how insane this all is. And in an unprecedented turn of events, Hertz is now looking to issue up to $1 billion in new shares, taking advantage of its nonsensical price to help restructure the company. Stock sales from a bankrupt company are not something investors normally see, considering the equity of bankrupt companies are not worth much. If tech stocks do fall and if the market falls with them, it won't be because index investors are stampeding for the exits.

Far, the Nasdaq Composite has proven more resilient than other broad market benchmarks, in part because it has little exposure to sectors such as energy, retail and travel companies whose shares have cratered 50% or more since the start of the year.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab The Near Future Report now.

AutoStore Review – Auto eCom Store and Free Traffic Bonus 2020

The AutoStore by Donald Wilson solves the #1 reason why most people never make money with eCommerce, they never start their own store. Are you one of them?

autostoreCreator: Donald Wilson
Cost: $1,997
Official site:

AutoStore: eCom Automation of 2020

autostoreI've tested a large number of eCommerce systems, software and programs throughout the years but never saw a combination of automation, print-on-demand, and software implementation done as well as with the AutoStore by Donald Wilson and the Gearbubble Pro team.

Let's be honest, for once. Most automated stores look like crap. The stores are either not proportional, like having everything on the right side, all look the same, or filled with weird sounding description and wrong titles.  You know what I'm talking about, we all saw them.

However, until now I struggled it off as them being the consequences of automation. It wasn't until I saw how crisp and clean the Auto Stores are before I realized it.

Just look at this Demo Store made with AutoStore.

It differs a lot from what I considered an automated store to look like. Now, don't get me wrong with most of them you could do some adjustments and make it look presentably. However, this one comes looking good to great straight from the box.

Get your store now!

eCommerce Sales = Over 4 Trillion Dollars

One of the things I love about eCommerce is that it just keeps rising year after year. In fact, it's projected to hit $4.9 trillion dollars by the end of 2021. That's a gain of 265% from $1.3 trillion in 2014.

auto store reviews

Surprising? Hardly, we went from retail and mall dwellers throughout modern history to online buyers in the last 20 year. In fact, around 1 in 5 of items, excluding things like food and gas are bought online these days. That number increases exponentially every year.

However, what does that mean for you?

Either, you're a consumer and love having options to buy either online or in-store, or you're a online seller that is raving about the change.

If you're not a seller yet it is time to change that and AutoStore is the best way to do it in 2020.

Need Auto Store?

What is AutoStore and How To Get Started?

I believe Donald Wilson explains it best at:

autostore review

As you can see it doesn't take a eCom expert or someone with retail experience to run a successful online store. In reality, you only need 2 things:

  1. Storefront with items people want to buy
  2. Source of traffic

Of course, good looking graphics, well written description, and images mean a lot, but without a storefront, items and traffic you got nothing.

Automation takes care of the first 2 with AutoStore but how about traffic?

Donald Wilson made getting traffic to your store pretty simple and straightforward. I will not go into details about it as it's his take on advertising.

However, what's really cool and interesting is that the GB Pro team will send traffic to your store for free so you can get sales. We're talking something I've never sen before and it's saying something.

Having An eCommerce Store in 2020?

Unless you've been living on a deserted island, like Jared Leto supposedly did, you've heard about this pandemic we've been facing for over six months. I mean the whole world is on lock down in one form or another.

However, How Did The Corona Virus Effect eCommerce Business?

This is where it gets really interesting as eCommerce sales have rose 30.1% in the first half of 2020. Arguably, that's no shocking as most people were stuck at home for good part of those 6 months. However, total retail sales actually grew 4% during the first half.

auto store

Which indicates that people aren't buying less, in fact they are buying more stuff. This counters the idea that people don't spend as much during a crisis. In fact, they seem to spend more.

Why is this important?

  1. This makes right now the best times to start an online store, maybe only second to 20 years ago
  2. Once the pandemic ends sales will increase because of new habits that we were all forced upon

Sure, sales of cars is at it's lowest and no one is really buying luggage these days, but stuff like bread machines, vacuums and home exercise equipment sales are through the roof.

So, opening a AutoStore with luggage, probably not the best idea, but anything else that's actually increased in sales, amazing.

You see, even in crisis people still need to buy stuff, so while their priorities might shift the market is wide open.

In fact, the eCom space will never be the same after this and here you have a second chance to be part of the movement.

With that said you can also get my AutoStore bonus which includes free organic traffic to your store.

Get it now!

AutoStore Bonus: Unlimited Organic Traffic

autostore bonusThere is no denying that organic traffic is most likely the best in the world.

After all, most likely you landed on this review thought a search engine like Google or Bing.

The truth is that organic search has most intent as people searching want to find information on a specific topic. It's not like FB or other platforms where they just might be interested in it.

That's why as Auto Store Bonus I'll rank your store, Facebook Fan Page, and your website, if you have any, on top of Google, Bing and other search engines.

Which means unlimited amount of organic traffic for free. Want it?

Get It Now

Ready To Start With Auto Store?

During this uncertain times it's hard to know what is the right thing to do. However, there is no denying that if this continues each of us will need at least a second stream of income.

auto store gearbubble pro

The AutoStore is by far one of the easiest way to do that without spending all of your free time on it. After all, you get a fully customizable store, traffic (more with my bonus), and all the other resources to start making sales right away.

Sales in the thriving $4.9 trillion eCommerce market that is growing by the minute.

So, forget about everything else and focus on what can make you money this months, next year and for decades to come.

For limited time only you can get an automated store, lifetime of GB Pro and free traffic. Are you really going to let an opportunity like this pass you by?

Click Here to get AutoStore Lab with my Bonus.

LeadsHunter Review: Fred Lam’s New System and Bonus 2020

Let's talk about LeadsHunter by Fred Lam and how it's different than most systems out there.

leadshunter reviews

What is LeadsHunter?

Leadshunter is a system designed and created by Fred Lam, an 8-figure online marketer, that teaches you how to generate leads for as little as $1 and resell them for $10 to $50. The system includes over-the-shoulder training, software, and a community.

The idea of selling or even reselling leads is nothing new. There are whole companies, even 8 or 9-figures, that focus on generating leads. With the number of companies that require leads constantly growing the demand rises.

Which is both a good thing and a bad thing for companies. With a greater need for leads many companies that sell them take a short cut and resell the same leads to 2 to 4 other companies, some do it even to more.

Naturally, this lowers the quality of the leads and make the first call first get the style. Creating unnecessary stress the businesses that buy them. That's why I believe there is a real opportunity for anyone that can get good and deliver daily.

Now, there are different ways to generate leads. You can use paid traffic, SEO, local marketing, and anything in between. Let's see what Fred Lam came up with with the LeadsHunter.

Leads Hunter Method

Fred Lam who is known as the paid ads expert found and tweaked a great FB method to get high-quality leads, worth $10 to $50, for as little as $1 or even less. Those are not only his results but also of his students that are beta-testing Leads Hunter.

In fact, Fred Lam has been testing and tweaking the system for the past 6 months or so and it's still months away before being released as I write this.

That speaks dedication and pride in the system he's creating. Which I respect as I'm sick and tired of buying half-finished courses and training. You know the ones I'm talking about when you buy it at a high price and have to wait a month or so to even get started

Well, LeadsHunter is not going to be this way and I'm already excited to get started.

Paid Ads Fred Lam Style

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of paid ads and most importantly FB ads. I, like many, have been burned by Facebook so many times it's not even funny.

How many times did you hear: Just create a bridge page, place it on FB and you'll be getting 500% ROI in no time. How many times did it work?

Maybe I'm just bad with ads but I never made it work that's why I stick to organic traffic, and my bonus is all about that. However, I'm still excited about Fred Lam's course. Why?

LeadsHunter Ads

These are different, and I'm not talking about Fred Lam finding a picture that gets 10x, and as soon as the course comes out 1000 people will use it. No, it's quite a game-changer.

First of all, he's using the new type of FB ads I never saw anyone teach. Second, you're going after specific groups of people that there is little to no competition and it's a virtually endless group of people.

Sound mysterious? It's really not, you're going after local people in specific places and looking for what you'll be ordering. It's almost like organic traffic 2.0 but works faster and costs a little.

The best part is that you're not going to promote the same affiliate product that 10,000 people are already promoting. I'm an affiliate marketer so I know, and sometimes I don't know why I even bother.

Did you know that sometimes there are more pages dedicated to a specific affiliate product than there are searchers per month? On the other hand, hundreds of people are looking for things you can turn into leads and sell.

Fred Lam goes over how to do it, and hot to sell it for the best price.

Why Businesses Need Leads?

Now, you might be wondering if so many businesses need leads and you can 10x to 50x per lead, why are the businesses not doing ti themselves.

There are, in fact, I learned about the power of lead generation from a guy that does 10 million with his roofing business. He doesn't even have the worker to do the roofing anymore, because it's not worth it. All he does is have lead generation and people to watch over the work while he gives it away to his sub-contractors.

That's 10 million without even repairing a single roof with his own team.

Okay, so why not everyone else? Simple, there are 2 reasons really:

  • They don't know it's possible and doesn't bother learning about it
  • They want to focus on their customers and not worry about generating leads

Think about it. If you're 3rd generation roofer and just want to have enough work to take care of yourself your family are you really going to look for lead generating systems? Chances are you don't and you don't care for them. All you want is some leads.

Also, if the person takes care of the business he or she would need to hire staff the leads generation. Unless they knew about Leads Hunter by Fred Lam.

Fred Lam Reviews

Fred Lam, as I mentioned before, is a paid ads specialist. If there is anyone that can teach you paid ads, especially Google and Facebook, than Fred is the man.

In fact, it's not the first time i'm learning from Fred and can't wait to take this method out for a spin.

LeadsHunter Bonus

I love a good bonus that's why I'm going to teach you how to get leads, similar to the ones Fred Lam is getting you, for free. Now, before you go crazy and think you can get all the leads for free ease up.

My bonus will be designed to work with Leads Hunter and not against it. My goal is to still use Fred Lam's lead generation but at the same time build out an organic one slowly. This way I can continue getting active leads using Fred's system and passive with organic and funneling them all through to make money.

So, get LeadsHunter today.

100K Blueprint Review and Bonus for the Masters Edition

The 100k Blueprint by Dan Dasilva is back with the 4.0, Masters Edition. However, can it hold up to being the best eCommerce system in 2020?

The $100k Blueprint Masters Edition

100k blueprint reviews

When I first got started with eCommerce, especially Shopify, Dan DaSilva was the new and hip guru everyone wanted to emulate. I mean we're talking about a 20 something kid generating thousands of dollars per day and enjoying life during the night. Which is to say at least impressive.

Now, one can argue that eCommerce back in 2016 or 2017 was 10 times different than it is now, and I didn't hear about Dan DaSilva for a while.

Does that mean the he's eCommerce system is failing? Maybe it the whole 100k Blueprint was a scam?

None of those things, if you look him up you can see that Dan has just been more focused on his work and helping his students. After all, it's 100k Blueprint 4.0 and all 3 other editions were successful as well.

In fact, he's calling it the Masters Edition

Dan DaSilva's Masters Edition to $100K

Let's talk about the 100K Blueprint Masters Edition and what's so groundbreaking about it.

Well for starters, it's no longer going to be based around dropshipping from China. This makes sense as the shipping takes 4 to 6 weeks, tracking is almost non-existent and with the whole COVID-19 people are reluctant to order anything outside of the country.

Thanks to shipping from United States you'll be able to source the products from stores like Macy's. Yup, one of the most icon depertment stores in the US, Macy's will ship your products to you customers from you eCom store.

Why? They, like everyone else in the world, need to adapt and do it fast if they want to stay in business. If that means using their resources to ship for you, they'll do it.

Do you know why Best Buy is one of the few electronic chain stores to survive to this day? They adapted to the online revolution where Amazon slashing their sales left and right.  How did they do it?

One of the key elements is using stores as online fulfillment centers.  This allowed them to ship cheaper and faster than the competition.

Another big difference is that Dan DaSilva wants to focus on 1 product per store to ultra target it for the audience and that's something we need to talk about.

However, let's recap what $100k Blueprint Masters Edition is all about so far:

  • No shipping from China
  • US shipping from stores like Macy's
  • 1 product per store

1 product per Store With

When I first heard that idea I was skeptical, to say the least, I mean why would you go through the trouble of creating an eCommerce store for one product? However, once I started to understand the method it all made sense.

In fact, people have been creating a website for a single product for 20 years and been off like crazy. With today technology advances and one-click store builders, it makes perfect sense to build a store for each product.

However, that doesn't mean you'll be building 20 stores per day, with 100kBlueprint 1 store is enough go to 6-figures or more. It's all about targetting, cutting out distractions, and funnel.

The first thing you have to do is get the notion that eCommerce store = Regular store but online. It's not, and despite stores like Amazon and Walmart doing great online they also have a different approach.

The second is that you are not the next Amazon or Wallmart, and you don't need to be. In fact, if you look at Amazon's history there were probably hundreds of millionaires trying to create the new Amazon. Do you know how much money and manpower it would take to become the next Amazon?

Once again, you don't need to be to make 6, 7 or even 8 figures working by yourself with no staff and with 1 to 3 eCommerce stores. The idea is to think outside of the box and focus on a specific product that applies to a specific group of people and just sell a ton of it.

Sounds simple? It is if you think about it.

Having an online store with only one product makes it ultra targetted and with one goal in mind. Get customers to the offer and have them buy it. There is no need for selections, customer service, tailored products, it's just like connecting the dots.

When that hit me I was floored

Biggest Advantage of 100k Blueprint One Product Store?

Now I haven't even talked about the biggest advantage to you about one product store. it's freaking simple.

I mean, just think about it. If you had a choice of making the same amount of money with a store that sells 1 product vs a store that sells a 100 which one would you choose?

It's a no brainer. Just imagine managing 100 products by making sure they are in stock, looking at price changes, making sure everything is going through to the supplier, and working with multiple suppliers on day basis. Not only is a big hassle but it takes time and stress.

In fact, you would probably need to hire someone just to keep track of all of it.

One product on the other hand is simple and straightforward. Isn't that what all online marketers want? An easier and faster way to make commissions?

Dan Dasilva Reviews

That's what really impressed me about Dan, that he didn't just stick with the same model and sold it as the best system ever. No, this guy has been in the eCommerce games prob 10 years by now and he's still always learning and trying to make things faster and easier.

That's why I trust him over those famous gurus that just come up with a new idea every half a year or so to make you buy their products. Not saying all of them are bad, but if you want to learn eCommerce will ou got to a person that does it 100% of the time, or someone that only does it 10%?

Once again, it's not really a fair question and everyone knows the answer.

That's why I'm looking forward to the 100K Blueprint 4.0 Masters Edition to take it to the next level.

How about a bonus?

100K Blueprint Bonus: Unlimted Traffic?

I haven't figured out the bonus just yet as I want to use the system a bit more before finding the perfect package. However, it's going to do with my ability to get you extra traffic. And as we all know traffic = sales.

Now, my traffic will be a different than Dan's as I focus on free and organic traffic in most o my businesses. Which one product eCommerce store being the perfect candidate for it.

You see, by just focusing on one product you can build around a whole set of a keyword to focus on. In result search engines like Google and Bing will know your whole site is about that product and rank it higher.

Of course, it's not that simple and you need to manage a few movings parts to make it happen. However, that's where my bonus comes in and you'll not be disappointed.

Grab the 100k Blueprint now to get it all

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review: KBBCourse Almost Knocked Me Out

Is Knowledge Broker Blueprint like a light at the end of a tunnel or more like a kick in the butt we all need sometimes?

Official Site:

Watch Knowledge Broker Blueprint FAQ With Jenna Kutcher and Dean Graziosi

knowledge broker blueprint

Butt-Kicking and Light That Comes From It: KBBCourse

knowledge broker blueprint reviewsBefore I start this usual and often uncensored KBB Course review let me introduce myself. Well, my name is Derek and this is a brief story on how Knowledge Broker Blueprint gave me a good ol' ass-kicking and why I came back for seconds in KBB 2.0

You see, just a year ago I thought I was doing alright. On one side I had a couple or prospering websites, an eCommerce store and this website where I review selected online courses. On the other good relationship with my wive, kids and the neighbor's dog.

However, the day I started the KBBCourse all of this changed. It felt almost like Tony reached out of the screen and slapped me across the face, and if you ever saw Tony's hands you know these things are huge! I mean they are so big he has trouble clapping with them.

However, let's not get sidetracked. So, I was sitting there my mind trying to comprehend what was happening when an inner voice suddenly spoke, which going with the theme sounded like Tony Robbins.

“What the hell are you doing, kid?”

Still sitting there dumbfounded, I repeated to myself “What am I doing?”

When the voice now sounding like mix between Gandalf and Mr. T spoke “What you doing repeating what I said, fool!”

Right there and then I knew things just got real, for real.

Now, of course I took some creative liberties when telling this story. There were no actual hands flying out of my laptop or Gandalf impersonating Mr. T, but you get my point.

The message is still the same. I got shaken to my core and needed answers.

Watch video from Dean

It's The Little Things That Matter: Or Don't Matter

kbbcourse.comYou know what sucks? I just deleted whole block of text by accident and can't get it back….

The funny part is that I decided to include the above statement because it illustrates the point I was making in the deleted text on how the little things in life can either make us happy or have us completely lose out minds.

Here I am walking around the room and cursing under my breath because I deleted maybe a 100 words or so. However, was it really about the 100 words? Of course not, the 100 means nothing but I got mad because I lost tiny piece of my message and it totally destroyed my flow and focus.

What's even more amusing is that by getting mad I lost even more time and focus, plus I got hungry. Now, before I ramble off this KBB review let me get to the point.

It seems like most of us these days enlarge our problems or even blow them way out of proportions for different reasons. Now, don't get me wrong we all have problems, worries, and stresses, but it seems like we focus on the problem than the solution.

How many times can you catch yourself saying something like

  • I wish I had:
    • more time
    • more money
    • less stress
    • better body
    • newer car
    • nicer house/apartment
    • better spouse
    • well behaving children
    • at least half of yesterday's burrito

Don't we? I mean, I've been wishing for that burrito for at least an hour and not even half showed up.

The problems is that these words have emotions attached to them. I mean, I keep trying to tell me kids that there a big difference than feeling an emotion, and acting on it.

Like if you stand on a Lego, you might feel paint, anger, frustration and dozen more emotions but that doesn't mean you need to throw out the Lego, yelling (unless it's in pain) and start destroying walls.

However, they don't seem to get it…

It's actually something Tony Robbins talks about a lot in the KBB Course. For example, he has two tools Transformational Vocabulary & Global Metaphors.

For example, with Transformational Vocabulary Tony explains that changing just one word on how we talk, mostly to ourselves, can have tremendous effect.

Even simple things as saying “I can” instead of “I can't” as either one you chose, you're probably right. If you say “I can't do this,” you probably will not (unless you said it rhetorically or in a similar matter) and if you say “I can do this” you mostly likely can.

Naturally, when you're drunk or trying to show off those rules might not apply. You probably will not make that jump from the roof to the pool no mater how many times you scream, and call yourself the King of The World. We all have been there, don't judge…

How about Global Metaphors?

In another video Tony goes into details on how negative metaphors can mess up with how we perceive the world or other people. Take for example a BBQ my brother was hosting not too long ago.

It was a nice party with good food, cold beer and talkative company, only problem I wasn't there. My brother never invited me.

Did I get pissed off? You bet ya, I was furious, felt betrayed, ashamed, and humiliated my own brother. My flesh and blood didn't invite me to a barbecue.

Finally I confronted him and he told me in a calm matter, “I invited you like 10 times already, and you never came, but I'll let you know when is the next one.”

Then I realized that I've been making excuses not to come for most of those and the last couple I just said no. In fact, I hated the fact he kept inviting me…..

You see, I was never mad about not being at the BBQ, but the simple fact I wasn't invited, even if I didn't want to go anyway.

The simple truth my main man Tony is speaking is that words that we attach to our experiences become our experiences.

If I told myself, I'm glad my bro got the message I don't like parties, I would have viewed the whole incident differently.

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Knowledge Broker Blueprint: Antidote for Mundane Life

kbb course reviews

Do you ever feel like your life is just a series of events you don't really want to take part of?

Realizing that while doing the KBB course is when the really butt-kicking started. It wasn't just slaps from Tony anymore, but Dean got in the action and got kicked, punched, dragged across the floor and back while a huge smile sat on my face.

Sure, my gut wasn't feeling that great and I regretted not seeing life this way before, but it also felt like a ton weighing rock was lifted from my shoulder. I finally started to see what I needed to do to change the day to day to be more excited, productive and just feeling better about myself.

Now, I'm not saying your life is mundane or you need to be like me to appreciate Knowledge Broker Blueprint. In fact, I wash I got started with KBB course before I started my own online businesses and websites.

Why? Because not only would I be more passionate about them, they would have been more productive and profitable as well. At the point when I discovered Knowledge Broker Blueprint my life have become stagnant without me even realizing it, which is the worse kind.

That's why even if you never had a website, KBBcourse is the way too go.

Some way if you're like me, and tired of feeling like you could be more, do more. Tired having the same day over and over again. ‘m talking day to day life, work, and so one and so forth.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint might be just what you're looking for.

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Opportunistic Trader Review – America’s First Trade-A-Thon Success?

What if I told you an Opportunistic Trader AKA Larry Benedict is set to make $70,000 in 3 hours trading live tonight? Don't miss your chance to be a part of America's first Trade-A-Thon ever?

What about Teeka Tiwari? Heard of the “Crypto Oracle” before? He's hosting a 5 coins to $5 million online event you can be a part of now.

Larry Benedict's Opportunistic Trader vs 90% of Traders

Opportunistic Trader reviews

It's no secret that 90 out of 100 traders fail to make money over the long run. In fact, Larry Benedict was one of those 90 trader's until he figured out the only trading principle that guarantees success.

He goes over it in great deal in the video, but at the end of the day it's all about putting P [profit] on the page.

Once you start taking profits whenever you can, even everyday, the whole thing starts snowballs and you can end up making over $350,000 in just about a week and a half. At least, that's what Larry can accomplish these days.

At first I was skeptical, but then all of it started to make sense.

The problem is that most people are conditioned to risk too much to make a quick buck or aim for the moon when trading or investing. I know, I've been one of those people before following real pros like Larry Benedict.

Does that mean you can't make big money with Larry? No, quite the opposite as with Larry Benedict you risk less, but take in more profits and build your portfolio. Which results in the ability to trade more and the whole thing snowballs.

Thanks to Larry's Opportunistic Trader you'll have the opportunity to generate $200,000 or more over the next 12 months.  Which would out you in the top 10% of earner in United States.

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Are You An Opportunistic Trade?

opportunistic trader

Listen, I'm not a full time trader, never was, and I'm guessing I'll never will. But, I like taking profits. Who doesn't?

And while most of my investing or trading experience has been like 90% of traders, either risking too much or waiting too long, I've never considered the alternative, being an Opportunistic Trader.

What does that mean?

Instead of trying to force a trade or hold on to one, you look for opportunities that naturally occur in the market. Of course, that's easier said than done but Larry Benedict has mastered it.

In fact, he's been doing it successful for 2 decades and in result:

  • Larry didn't have a losing year from 1990 to 2010 while running his hedge fund
  • Generated over $274 millions from 2004 to 2012
  • Made $95 million in financial crisis year of 2008
  • Was featured in Jack D. Schwager's Hedge Fund Market Wizards

Now, for the first time ever he's sharing his strategy with people outside of Wall Street. In fact, for a limited time you can join his recommendations and enjoy the same gains he's getting.

So, don't be like the 90% and join now

Now, Are You About Profits?

Let's talk profits, because like I said I'm no professional trader, but I'm all about profits and I bet you are as well.

You see, I might not be the smartest guy, or the most lucky one, but over the years I've been able to spot good opportunities and take full advantage of them.

That's the number reason I've been able to earn a good living online for almost a decade.

However, recently I've noticed a big shift taking place. You see, most of the opportunities I dived into where based around the internet. Whether it was running your online business, blog, website or an eCommerce store, they were all based around working online.

The results? You could start an online business, or anything else and make a full time income in fraction of the time. We're talking going to 6-figures in a year or two without education or prior experience.

All of this was made possible thanks to the advances in technology and communications, mainly the internet. Did it do the same for trading?

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Short History of Online Trading and Today's Opportunity

Electronic trading has been possible for almost 30 years, but had it's first big breaks in late 90s and 2000s with E-Trade becoming mainstream. You might remember all those commercials, including ones during the Superbowl, on how easy it is a baby could do it.

Looking back they were right about it being easy, but those days average person had no way of taking full advantage of it. We're talking 1999 when most people were on dial-up internet. That's 56k compared to 100Mbps to 1Gbps that's average today.

To put this into perspective downloading a decent quality image (3mb) took around 15 minutes when now you can do it in less than a second. What's even worse is that dial-up was slow is that it was also unpredictable. You would lose connections on hourly basis sometimes.

That's why despite of the claims e-trading was still mostly limited to big guys and Wall Street wolves.

Today's Technology and Trading

larry benedict opportunistic trader

These days most people have the hardware, even including mobile phones, and the speed to start trading. However, just because you can, doesn't mean you should, right?

That was my fault, as I believe that following anybody in the trading world would mean I'll succeed.

The problem is that no matter if you trade online or off, you still need to know what you're doing to make a profit. Just because you can do it from your PJ's doesn't mean you will be profitable.

Which created a void that many scammers or hot shot traders that had no idea what they were doing tried to fill. I'm talking all of those Binary Options, FX, Stocks alert systems or trading guides that flooded the online space in the 2000s.

Okay, maybe not all of them were bad. Some were even ran by decent companies, but none of them, as far as I can tell, lasted. Why? Because at the end of the day, the players and the pros stayed on Wall Street.

In fact, it's only been recently thanks in part to cryptos that we have seen this wave of ex-hedge fund owners and famous Wall Street gurus coming out with Trading systems. I'm talking the likes of Teeka Tiwari, Jeff Clark and now Larry Benedict to name a few.

Ready to start?

How does this Tie into Opportunistic Trade?

larry benedict

Simple, while electronic trading was simple 20 years ago it was nowhere as accessible as it is now today. These days almost everyone has a broadband, or internet fast enough to stream music, if not videos.

That's why now it's perfect time to get into trading online and not 20 years ago.

With that said, I still mostly ignored trading for years because it just seemed like a too much of a step, Oh boy, was I wrong. In fact, starting to trade these days is as easy as creating an email account.

In fact, Larry Benedict has:

  • Recently made over $350,000 in just about a week and a half
  • Specific day of the week that has enormous impact on money
  • Biggest untold secret of the trading world
  • Strategy that takes 10 minutes and could pay for 80% of your retirement

Opportunistic Trader Right For You?

Now, I've mention several times that I'm by no means a pro trader. However, if you are and you want to up your game than the name Larry Benedict should speak for itself. The guy is a legend even in the non-trading communities.

However, what if you're brand new?

We're talking never had a trading account or don't even know how to start one. Let me stop you there, that's the easiest part of it all. If you know how to create an email account or social media one you're good to go.

Plus the Opportunistic Trader review of member's area has tutorials, guides and training on everything from A to Z. I'm talking creating an account, getting alerts, trading, cashing in or out, if you need it they covered it.

Honestly, the hardest part is taking that first step and believing in yourself. I know, I've been there and the people I've talked to say the same thing. Trading is not some mystical activity reserved only for the elite.

It's one of the best and simplest way to earn a profit these days and with Opportunistic Trader you'll be ahead of 99.99% of all traders out there.

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