Kibo Eclipse Reviews: What was Aidan and Steve Thinking? Bonus

Is the Kibo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton really all it's cracked up to be? I put it to the ultimate test!

Creators: Aidan Booth and Steve Claytonkibo eclipse review
Price: $3497 or 4 payments of $997
Official Site: Click Here now
Niche: eCommerce with US dropshipping
Score: 4.8 stars
Highlights: custom software, a huge selection of products, picked for you products, variety of traffic methods including free ones.

What's New With Kibo Eclipse?

Focus on Free Traffic – Flood of Potential Buyers To Your Store

First of all, the new Kibo Eclipse focuses a lot on FREE visitors from Facebook, Instagram, other sources, and Organic traffic.

kibo eclipse free traffic

Why is this a HUGE deal? Simple, just look at all the ads on the internet these days. You're bombarded with them non stop and when is the last time you bought something from an ad?

Listen, I'm not saying ads don't work. In fact, if you have the right targeting and system they can work really well. The Kibo Eclipse used paid traffic as well.

However, you're still leaving a huge chunk of potential buyers that don't like ads, don't look at ads, or flat out block them with an addon like Ad-Blocker (which has over 350 million downloads on Chrome alone).

If that wasn't enough I offer hands-off unlimited free organic traffic bonus!

No Need For Shopify – You Get Custom Platform

Now, you can either hate or love Shopify and I know I've done both for years.

  • Is it simple to use? Yes
  • Create a store without coding? Yes
  • Hands-off payment processing? Yes

However, it's also:

  • Limiting on the design? Yes
  • Restricting on payments? Yes
  • Expensive? So-so, it depends.

So, you can stick with Shopify or just go full Kibo Eclipse store software

kibo eclipse

Now, this software has been build from the ground up with Kibo Eclipse in mind. This means, unlike Shopify, it was designed to work seamlessly with the exact stores Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton and hundreds of successful students are building (some making as much as $50k per day).

So, what does that mean? Pretty much all cons of using Shopify have been eliminated. With Quantum software is:

  • Simple (point and click)
  • Cost-effective
  • Unlimited
  • No restrictions

Honestly, Aidan and Steve took a great system and made it even better, revamped and improved on every aspect. However, what is it?

Kibo Eclipse: Explanation

The Kibo Eclipse is a system that combines traditional eCommerce with new technology and the business model of Don Quijote, Tokyo's most famous megastore, to create something the online world has not seen before. It does that by eliminating the most popular obstacles and problems with starting a brand new eCommerce store in 2021.


Which include:

  • Creating a product or brand – with Kibo you'll have over 3 million hand picked products to sell  in your store from US suppliers.
  • Suppliers – US suppliers so it doesn't require drop-shipping from China, which takes a month, and all the supplier connections are already made for you.
  • Shipping/ handling or storing products – once again by using US suppliers that will directly ship to your customers you don't need to worry about any of those.
  • Risk – traditional eCom usually requires a lot of capital and time to get started. With Kibo Code you don't spend anything on inventory beforehand and can get sale in 24 hours.
  • Traffic – while everyone is spending a fortune on Facebook ads and Adwords Aidan and Steve teach the product placement ads that have little to no competition.
  • Competition – due to uniqueness of this method, amount of products to sell and the traffic source there is really no competition and you get hit the ground running.

All of this makes The Kibo Eclipseprobably the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get started with eCommerce, if not the most profitable as well. Seeing how the profits margins with Kibo Eclipse are upwards of 50% across the users. While FBA tend to fluctuate from 10% to 60% and affiliates are around 5% to 10% only.

However, what most Kibo Eclipse reviews are missing is the most important part of the system no one seems to be talking about.

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What Makes The Kibo Eclipse The Best eCom System in 2021?

kibo eclipse reviewsYou see, most Kibo Eclipse reviews are right that what Aidan and Steve created makes it easy for anyone to create, manage and profit from this simple yet powerful method.

I mean if you never even created a website in your life, you can jump into this and have a store created in 60 minutes or fewer thanks to the training, resources and software included.

If that wasn't enough, you can use the rest of it and start getting sales in 24 to 48 hours just following the Kibo Eclipse and the free traffic source it teaches.

This means it's perfect for:

  • Total Beginners 
    • Low-cost entry point (compared to more traditional eCommerce)
      • + free traffic
    • Easy set up (you get all the necessary tools to make it happen)
    • Quick turn around (compare to other online opportunities)
  • Entrepreneurs
    • Additional income stream without a lot of work
    • Little capital needed so it doesn't infringe on what you doing
      • + free traffic
    • Ability to scale it to 7 or even 8 figures

However, that's not the most important thing about The Kibo Eclipse. Don't get me wrong, the method and the training are great, probably the best I've seen in a while, worth the price of itself. On top of that, you get an untapped FREE traffic source that works perfectly with eCommerce.

So, what could be better?

Database, Supplier, and Software: Key Difference

All of the above is great, but without things to sell and a way to manage it all, it won't matter how good your store looks or how many visitors you have. The truth is you need suppliers to send the items you sell and some form of logistics to not go bonkers.

Listen, running a dropshipping eCommerce store sounds like the best thing ever, right? All you do is list some items, get sales, and boom you're swimming in cash.

That's exactly what I thought when starting my first eCommerce in 2014, and boy was I wrong.

First of all, in most places you need to pay a hefty price to even get a database of suppliers in the US. Next things is that you usually have to contact each one individually and start up a conversation. Finally, most of them will not work with beginner or a small time seller, especially if you don't have a company dedicated for it.

So, basically you're screwed from the start.  Believe me I know, as I was fairly new to eCommerce business back than and had no connections with US whole sellers or suppliers. In fact, I didn't even know how it all worked. I just suspected it would be like drop-shipping from China, just order stuff on Aliexpress.

However, even if you use Aliexpress or get a supplier the number of things to keep track of could make anyone go bonkers. You know, selling one item or 2 per day is no problem you can do that manually in 5 minutes or so. How about 100 or 500 items per day? It would be a nightmare.

You see,Kibo Eclipse does mot only solve the supplier problem by including list of suppliers with 3 million products you can start selling right away, no need to contact or ask for permission, but also a system to sort the products by traffic, demand, pricing and profit per sale among other things.

That's what really makes The Kibo Eclipse a no-brainer and despite my previous experience in eCommerce I'm following the system to a letter when creating my store.

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Don Quijote: The Inspiration Store for The Code

Above I've wrote a lot about about what makes the Kibo Eclipse work from technical point of you and why it's so easy to get started with it. Now, I would like to focus on the inspiration from the Tokyo's most popular store, at least the most infamous, Don Quijote.

If you never heard about this store here's a preview

As you can see from the video the store pretty much has everything and it's often in the most random places. However, there is genius to the madness and that's why the store is bringing billions of dollars per year.

Unlike most stores in the US, or the west in general, where things are divided into sections, sometimes even whole floors, Don Quijote does it a bit differently, like having socks, candy and perfume just few steps away from each other.

This is on purpose as it takes advantage of foot traffic the generates. For example, in Don Quijote will place the best selling items where there is the most foot traffic, even if it seems just random.

The video actually shows this by having the couple just randomly pick up stuff they might have not planned to buy, which takes me to second thing what makes Don Quijote special.

The way the store is designed, the novelty of the products, and general feel of it makes it a unique experience to visit. In fact, part of the success is that it attracts both people that know what to buy, and those that have no idea because of the wide range of unique products and Japanese staples.

Honestly, how many store can you name that attract people the way Don Quijote does?

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Is The Kibo Eclipse an Online Don Quijote?

Maybe a mini version of it? Not exactly, but it does borrow from it's success and focuses on presenting the best sellers to the most people without focusing on a niche or specific market.

Like with Don Quijote it's all about the products. I mean concept is simple, if you have a product that sells like hot cakes, you want it in front of as many potential buyers as possible, right?

The main differences between the two is that Don Quijote deals with a lot of items, several floors of them. That's a lot of items to track and the logistics have to be a pain.

However, with Kibo Eclipse you can only have 1 to 6 best selling items in your store and make $5k per day.  That's 7-figure business within 6 months and with only 6 products.

aidan booth and steve clayton

This is possible thanks to Kibo's sorting and software suite. So, you only focus on best selling items instead of filling out your store with things no one is going to buy and tracking the whole thing, in results losing time and profits.

As you can see, it's not exactly as Don Quijote, it does take main concept from it and makes it viable online at a much smaller scale. Which works for me, how about you?

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Inside The Kibo Eclipse: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

the kibo eclipse 2021

Finally, let's get to the system itself and breakdown everything you get with it.

  • CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE:  A 8 week training that dives into the step-by-step process of creating a 7-figure store and the psychology behind it. Which includes detailed modules, strategy manuals, live weekly webinars, MindMaps and everything in between.
  • STORESTORM: the app that builds your entire store with just 1 click and in 60 minutes or less. It also utilizes “Theme X” specially developed for it by Aidan and Steve.
  • HAND-PICKED PRODUCTS: you'll get 5 unique products hand-picked by Aidan, Steve or their team that can start making you money right away.
  • PROFIT VAULT: this software is what really impressed me and the one I already talked about. With it your can find and pinpoint highest quality and most profitable products to sell with ease. Honestly, this is worth the price of the system alone.
  • THE TRAFFIC BLACK BOX: finally a traffic source specifically designed for eCommerce and one where you don't need to be a copywriter to make profit from. I'm talking about placement ads that pull the picture straight from your store for the ads.
  • ORACLE X: all-in-one software suite that will make starting your store, populating it with items and managing everything a breeze. It also includes a list builder for you.
  • KIBO ACADEMY: you get a 24/7 support from in-house experts as well as coaches that will get on-call with you and a private community exclusive for members only.

As you can see above Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have thought about everything to make your life easier with The Kibo Code. It's really plug-n-play but what's even more impressing is it only takes 4 steps.

Step-by-Step: The Kibo Way


Here's what you need to do:

  1. Install Your Store: Use the StoreStorm software to create your own store with one click.
  2. Load Your Products: Use the 5 hand-picked products for you, research your own using the Profit Vault, or combine both for maximum profits.
  3. Make Sales & Profit: Sales are fun but getting them with ease thanks to whole design and the untapped traffic sources makes it that much better and more profitable.
  4. Systematize Delivery: automate the whole process so you don't need to worry about ordering, handling or shipping no matter how many products you sell.

Thanks to the Kibo Eclipse that's all it takes, but there is more.

Learn 4 steps in detail now

The Kibo Eclipse Bonus: Free Traffic-4-Life?

The KiboEclipse uses an untapped traffic sources that are specifically designed for eCommerce items, product placement ads. What I like about these, and why they are so profitable is because there is little to no competition if you're know what you're doing.

You see, unlike Facebook ads or traditional Pay-Per-Click you don't compete with affiliates, service providers or third-party sellers. However, what does this have to do with my bonus?

I found a way to use that to find sources of FREE traffic that utilizes images rather than text. Which means you can get a flood of traffic from different sources for free without even writing a paragraph and just using images from your store.

So, what does the bonus include?

  • Detailed Step-by-Step Guide on how to take advantage of those free sources of traffic with little to now work. I'm talking spending a few minutes to bring in multiple sales for free.
  • Done-4-You Campaigns for the 5 hand-picked products you get with The Kibo Eclipse from the start. So, it's hands off and you'll all the traffic for free.

This alone 10x my previous eCommerce business and I feel it will double for the one with Kibo.

Do the same with my bonus!

Are You Ready or Giving Up Already?

Not sure if that's for you, maybe Amazing Selling Machine? Try Amazing Selling Machine

I'm going to keep this brief as by now I've talked about in more detail than any other kibo eclipse reviews. However, I want to touch on the 3 most important parts that make Aidan and Steve's business such a no brainer

  1. Database of products and suppliers: Again this seems like not a big deal but being able to use US supplier with 3 million products without even speaking to them puts you in the 1% of all US based sellers.
  2. Traffic: Being able to tap into a traffic source where people are already looking to buy is a bloodline of any business.  Steve and Aidan found that and with my traffic you're set.
  3. Automation: With this you can create and populate the store with just a few clicks, but where the automation really shines is the fulfillment. You see, fulfilling 2 or 3 order per day might not be so time consuming but try doing that for 100 or 1000 products.

If you made it this far you know The Kibo Eclipse is something special, or at least worth checking out. That's why you have a decision to make right now. You can either close this page, and just end up regretting it in a year or so.

Or, you decide now that this is the best opportunity in the recent years, and probably for the next few year, and take charge. After all, Aidan and Steve offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked, so what do you have to lose?

Get The Kibo Eclipse before it sells out and someone else takes your place

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