Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review: KBBCourse Almost Knocked Me Out

Is Knowledge Broker Blueprint like a light at the end of a tunnel or more like a kick in the butt we all need sometimes?

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Butt-Kicking and Light That Comes From It: KBBCourse

knowledge broker blueprint reviewsBefore I start this usual and often uncensored KBB Course review let me introduce myself. Well, my name is Derek and this is a brief story on how Knowledge Broker Blueprint gave me a good ol' ass-kicking and why I came back for seconds in KBB 2.0

You see, just a year ago I thought I was doing alright. On one side I had a couple or prospering websites, an eCommerce store and this website where I review selected online courses. On the other good relationship with my wive, kids and the neighbor's dog.

However, the day I started the KBBCourse all of this changed. It felt almost like Tony reached out of the screen and slapped me across the face, and if you ever saw Tony's hands you know these things are huge! I mean they are so big he has trouble clapping with them.

However, let's not get sidetracked. So, I was sitting there my mind trying to comprehend what was happening when an inner voice suddenly spoke, which going with the theme sounded like Tony Robbins.

“What the hell are you doing, kid?”

Still sitting there dumbfounded, I repeated to myself “What am I doing?”

When the voice now sounding like mix between Gandalf and Mr. T spoke “What you doing repeating what I said, fool!”

Right there and then I knew things just got real, for real.

Now, of course I took some creative liberties when telling this story. There were no actual hands flying out of my laptop or Gandalf impersonating Mr. T, but you get my point.

The message is still the same. I got shaken to my core and needed answers.

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It's The Little Things That Matter: Or Don't Matter

kbbcourse.comYou know what sucks? I just deleted whole block of text by accident and can't get it back….

The funny part is that I decided to include the above statement because it illustrates the point I was making in the deleted text on how the little things in life can either make us happy or have us completely lose out minds.

Here I am walking around the room and cursing under my breath because I deleted maybe a 100 words or so. However, was it really about the 100 words? Of course not, the 100 means nothing but I got mad because I lost tiny piece of my message and it totally destroyed my flow and focus.

What's even more amusing is that by getting mad I lost even more time and focus, plus I got hungry. Now, before I ramble off this KBB review let me get to the point.

It seems like most of us these days enlarge our problems or even blow them way out of proportions for different reasons. Now, don't get me wrong we all have problems, worries, and stresses, but it seems like we focus on the problem than the solution.

How many times can you catch yourself saying something like

  • I wish I had:
    • more time
    • more money
    • less stress
    • better body
    • newer car
    • nicer house/apartment
    • better spouse
    • well behaving children
    • at least half of yesterday's burrito

Don't we? I mean, I've been wishing for that burrito for at least an hour and not even half showed up.

The problems is that these words have emotions attached to them. I mean, I keep trying to tell me kids that there a big difference than feeling an emotion, and acting on it.

Like if you stand on a Lego, you might feel paint, anger, frustration and dozen more emotions but that doesn't mean you need to throw out the Lego, yelling (unless it's in pain) and start destroying walls.

However, they don't seem to get it…

It's actually something Tony Robbins talks about a lot in the KBB Course. For example, he has two tools Transformational Vocabulary & Global Metaphors.

For example, with Transformational Vocabulary Tony explains that changing just one word on how we talk, mostly to ourselves, can have tremendous effect.

Even simple things as saying “I can” instead of “I can't” as either one you chose, you're probably right. If you say “I can't do this,” you probably will not (unless you said it rhetorically or in a similar matter) and if you say “I can do this” you mostly likely can.

Naturally, when you're drunk or trying to show off those rules might not apply. You probably will not make that jump from the roof to the pool no mater how many times you scream, and call yourself the King of The World. We all have been there, don't judge…

How about Global Metaphors?

In another video Tony goes into details on how negative metaphors can mess up with how we perceive the world or other people. Take for example a BBQ my brother was hosting not too long ago.

It was a nice party with good food, cold beer and talkative company, only problem I wasn't there. My brother never invited me.

Did I get pissed off? You bet ya, I was furious, felt betrayed, ashamed, and humiliated my own brother. My flesh and blood didn't invite me to a barbecue.

Finally I confronted him and he told me in a calm matter, “I invited you like 10 times already, and you never came, but I'll let you know when is the next one.”

Then I realized that I've been making excuses not to come for most of those and the last couple I just said no. In fact, I hated the fact he kept inviting me…..

You see, I was never mad about not being at the BBQ, but the simple fact I wasn't invited, even if I didn't want to go anyway.

The simple truth my main man Tony is speaking is that words that we attach to our experiences become our experiences.

If I told myself, I'm glad my bro got the message I don't like parties, I would have viewed the whole incident differently.

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Knowledge Broker Blueprint: Antidote for Mundane Life

kbb course reviews

Do you ever feel like your life is just a series of events you don't really want to take part of?

Realizing that while doing the KBB course is when the really butt-kicking started. It wasn't just slaps from Tony anymore, but Dean got in the action and got kicked, punched, dragged across the floor and back while a huge smile sat on my face.

Sure, my gut wasn't feeling that great and I regretted not seeing life this way before, but it also felt like a ton weighing rock was lifted from my shoulder. I finally started to see what I needed to do to change the day to day to be more excited, productive and just feeling better about myself.

Now, I'm not saying your life is mundane or you need to be like me to appreciate Knowledge Broker Blueprint. In fact, I wash I got started with KBB course before I started my own online businesses and websites.

Why? Because not only would I be more passionate about them, they would have been more productive and profitable as well. At the point when I discovered Knowledge Broker Blueprint my life have become stagnant without me even realizing it, which is the worse kind.

That's why even if you never had a website, KBBcourse is the way too go.

Some way if you're like me, and tired of feeling like you could be more, do more. Tired having the same day over and over again. ‘m talking day to day life, work, and so one and so forth.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint might be just what you're looking for.

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