Uncensored Loci Cycle Review Exposes The Best Bonus 2021

So, The Loci Cycle powered by Ampfire system was just launched by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz and people are going crazy.

It's almost like they never knew you can get massive amount of targeted traffic without ads.

Mind blown?

The Loci Cycle Proves You Don't Need Ads


Listen, I'm really getting sick and tired of being bombarded with these so called traffic experts on Facebook telling me how I can make $1,000 I'll spend $999 on ads! Whoopsie-daisy, a whole freaking dollar.

Sure, I'm exaggerating but the sad part is that 99% of us will at most make 50% back on ads when we first run it. That mean's it's unlikely you'll make even $500 if you spend a $1000 on ads. Are you sad yet? Write a blog about it.

Now, before we move on I'm not ripping on ads. No, ads work and if you have the will and thousands of dollars in testing to make it work, go ahead. You do you!

You see, ads as a beginner are not better than throwing money at a wall and seeing what sticks. If your bank account is big enough it will make you money. Don't agree? Right a comment about it below.

Last but not least, with ads your earning don't reflect true profits. Like I said below it's no great feat to get -50% ROI but with ads you can spin that to a positive. Just spend $10k on ads in a single day and write how you made $5k in a single day. You don't have to mention the -50% ROI. Just record your screen or do some screenshot of $5k day and boom.

Now, you can sell your course for $1k and make $100k (minus the $5k you lost) from selling courses instead of doing what you teach.  Take that FB gurus!

However, the Loci Cycle is different.

Short term Gains with The Chris and Jay Cycle

What Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz did with the Loci Cycle had mind boggled me for years. How can you take natural traffic (unlike ads which is not natural) and make money from it fast, maybe in as little as 1 day?

You see, I'm a big fan of organic traffic (or part of the natural traffic) and as you can probably tell not a big fan of ads. Maybe it's just that I suck at ads or don't see how paying big bucks for fake clicks is worth it.

Anyway, the way natural traffic works is that people willingly come you your site, post or offer. It's not something that popped out while they browsing Facebook. Big part of natural traffic is organic search traffic.

Organic search traffic is basically people going to your site, post or offer through a search engine like Google. Maybe they write something like “best movie to cry to when you are lonely” and bada bing, bada boom you get a result, often a list of movies to cry to. Don't judge me.

That's my favorite part of natural traffic and chances and I'm 99% sure you got to this page by searching for something related to Loci Cycles reviews. Am I right?

Well, I'll talk about this form of traffic later but now I want to focus on short-term and SEO (search engine optimization for organic traffic) is long term game.

However, there are pother forms of natural traffic can take hours or even minutes to start getting you traffic. Imagine getting natural traffic, meaning people chose to be there, in as little as an hoiur from now?

Getting excited? Me too!

This is were Chris and Jay got me as the idea was so simple yet powerful. You post on news sites, high authority blogs, popular video, audio and images sites. Boom, genius?

Think about it, what if your post ended up on Forbes or MarketWatch website? Sure, if you are promoting Viagra than it might not help that much but you never know. A lot of people reading these sites might need it.

However, scratch that!

The point is that these sites are visited by millions of people a month and getting just a small fraction of that traffic would give you more sales than you would ever need.

The shorten connect of Loci Cycle is simple.

  • Post of high authoritative, traffic and power sites
  • Get traffic from there to your mini-site
  • Make sales day and night on autopilot'
  •  Collect the commissions

Simple yet so powerful and unlike ads you don't need to pay for each click or visitor like with ads.

The Loci Cycle Long-Term Plan

the loci cycle

What if I told you while you get authority and traffic from these big sites you're also ranking your mini sites?

This is where it gets real fun as now you can rank your own mini-site you create with the Loci Cycle by Jay and Chris. Imagine having you own website rank for some of the biggest keywords in your niche?

Maybe even you own list of sad movies can be on top? I would like to watch those as I'm lonely, but that's okay.

In fact, screw the movies and focus on cryptos and make money with Loci Farms. The biggest money maker since the Dot Com boom 20 years ago.

The Power of Loci Farms

What if you could earn cryptos or at least earn from cryptos on a monthly basis? I mean cryptocurrency is hot right now but who has the $60k to drop on a single bitcoin and the time to calculate to sell it?

No, while I owe cryptos I don't play that game. Trying to buy the dip ad sell the high or ATH is a fools game. Honestly, do you thing you can time the bottom price of Bitcoin and the peak in matter of months?

If you can than you are one rich SOB, but U'm getting off topic.

The idea of Loci Farms but the Loci Cycle is simple. Make money from the crypto market without buying any coins or taking any ricks. Sounds to good to be true?

It's not you see the people that made the most money as a group during the Gold Rush in California weren't the gold digger, sure some of them struck luck, but the people selling tools for the gold digging.

That's exacly the idea behind the Loci Farming as you create minisites based around crypotos and ride the popular train. No risk, all the reward. In fact, you can even earn cryptos while you do it.

Let me help You With Loci Farms

Best part about this is I'll help you rank these Loci Farms liek crazy? You see I've been doing a lot of search egnien optimization and I'm ready

The Loci Cycle Bonus

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz

Finally it is time for my bonus and it's a doozy. I',m talking about ranking your mini-site, power boosting you Ampifire campaigns.  Are you ready for this? I don't think so!

What if you could create such an awesome Loci Cycle campaign that would rock everything else out of the water? My bonus will help you with that

Are You Ready For Loci Cycle?

Listen, I'm not saying you would get rich overnight with the Lice cycle. In fact, if you are a lazy guy you might nit even do it in a month.

However, the truth is that the LociCycle works and it's one of the best, if not the best, program of the last few years.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the Loci cycle now

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