Parallel Profits Review – No Roadblock Local Lead Generation?

Heard about Parallel Profits and local lead generation? However, did you know that 61% of businesses out there need help with generating more leads? That's what really matter.

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Why Parallel Profits? Why Now?

parallel profits reviewNow, I can talk about Aidan booth and Steve Clayton, or about training, webinars, software that comes with PP, and I will later in the review, but for now I want to talk about what other reviews seem to be missing. This is without a doubt one of the biggest opportunists in 2019, and probably last few years top tap into market worth billions of dollars and only getting bigger.

As I said above 61% of companies are having hard time generating enough leads. That means out of every 2 companies at least 1 needs your help. You're probably already seeing the potential, but it's even bigger and better than you can imagine.

Why so many businesses need local leads?

In the US alone there are over 28.8 million small business (that accounts for 99.7% of all businesses). Which means  17.6 million need more leads. If that wasn't enough there are around 860,000 new small businesses that open each year.

On on the other note, around 788k of small business close each year, mostly because of lack of leads. As you can see this local lead generation is a business of needs and not wants like many other online venture.

By helping an actual business or specialists like a plumber or electrician you're not only helping the individual company to stay in business, but providing leads to good companies you help everyone that uses their service. On top of making butt load of cash of course.

On top of that one of my early mentors has always said that best business to go in is the business of needs. It makes sense. If you provide a service people need you will not only be reward in great income, but the gratitude of people you provide it to.

That's why I got into local lead generation about a year ago once finally seeing the huge potential it offers.  However, as you might have expected it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

3 Roadblocks for Local Lead Generation

When starting a local lead gen business you need to be aware of the pitfalls that m,any people fall into before reaching success. Note that not everyone will fall in all of these, or even one of these but they are popular enough that they prevent people from reaching their success.

Starting a Business and Building a Brand

Here's the thing, unless you already in a specific niche, partner up or buy an online business, when you start a new online venture you start from zero. Which is not bad if you factor that in beforehand and proceed with that. No, the problem is when you start a new online business and think it's going to be an overnight hit. Which is not going to happen unless you're already famous or for some reason go viral.

In today's online world you need to establish at least some trust and authority for your brand before things really take off. With a good strategy and implementation this can take about 6 to 12 months. Which isn't bad when looking at the big picture, but something to consider if you have no idea what you're doing.

That's why most people trying to start online never build up their brand enough to see the results or even potential.

Capturing Clients and Selling To Them

Here's an interesting one as I know people that just love and are really good at prospecting clients and selling to them, even face to face. I, and most people I know are not fans of it.

In fact, this was my biggest roadblock when starting a local gen business. Despite that I'm going help these business achieve their potential I still felt like I was one of those door-to-door sales person. We all know what most of us think about those.

So, unless you reach that kind of brand awareness that people will be knocking on your doors and windows to do business with you, you're going to have to do some prospecting and selling.

Getting Actual Leads For Your Clients

Now this might seem like a no brainier. You have everything in place and clients is ready, or already did, hand you money and what now?

Here's another problem I find with most system teaching this as they spend 95% of it on the first and barely anytime on doing the actual work. Here are typical options

  • Do it yourself – I'm a big fan of this one as even if you outsource or hire in-house team it's good to know how to do it yourself first. But if you have no idea how and just want to wing it might end up damaging your and clients brand at the same time.
  • Outsource – This is usually the next step for people that already know how to do it yourself. You can outsource someone pretty cheap and teach them, but if you don't know how to do it yourself don't expect to hire and expert for few bucks per hour.
  • In-House Team – Obviously this is the most expensive option and the only one you can get away without knowing how to do it yourself. But unless you have the capital to hire people in your country and run an office than it's probably out of the question.

All of this is not do discourage you from starting or pursuing a lead generation business. I'm just presenting the realities of starting an online business in that space. So, you don't go out there thinking you'll start a service, get a client, and make $100k per year in a single day.

If you do that, let me know. However, for the rest of us I want to talk about a solution to those 3 problems.

Is Parallel Profits Solution For You?

If any of those three above, or all of them, seem to be holding you back or prevent from even starting a lead gen business than Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton's new Parallel Profits system might be for you.

In fact, even you already have clients this system can do wonders to free up your time, it did for me.

How Does PP by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton Work?

ParallelProfits offers a familiar business mode of offering services for local businesses but with a twist. You see, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are great marketers and they recognized a need in a local business market, remember needs are better than wants, and filled it.

They know that the 3 roadblocks above is what stops most people from achieving success with local services. So, instead of creating another course on how to build a brand and sell stuff, they took it a step further by giving you opportunity to work with them.

Become Part of Parallel Franchise and Profit

That's right, for a limited time you can become a part of the Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton franchise where:

  • You don't have to build a brand, have a website or worry about marketing and copy-writing.
  • You will not have to sell or have face to face interaction with clients thanks to build-in leaf-gen systems and processes.
  • You will not have to perform yourself, outsource or hire professionals for the services. Their team does all of that work.

As you can see they take care of the 3 major roadblocks I'l talked about. However, what's the catch? Or cons?

The only catch is the obvious one, so no catch at all. With Parallel Profits you're become a part of a franchise, similar to fast-food chains and even stores like 7-Eleven, Ace, UPS Store. So while you're still the owner of your business, you operated under a brand and offer their services.

Only can decide if that's a pro or con for you. If you're dead set on creating a brand from day one, and building it out all from ground up to 6 or 7 figures per year business, no matter how long it takes. Go a head, in fact Aidan and Steve offer training as well, but about that later.

What about best of both worlds?

Now honestly, if you're just starting out, and especially if you have a regular job, I would recommend starting just with the franchise part. Their whole set up is just top notch. I've been doing lead generation for 2 years now and even I'm gonna do this.

The fact is that need as little as 7 referrals that Aidan and Steve's team closes for sales to create a 6-figure income per year. You can get that in just a week, some people did, but it should take you more than a month or two even starting from zero.

There is just no other system out there that will achieve that for you in that short period of time.

However, don't think you NEED to be franchise forever, or even at all.

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Full Business Model Training: You Can Do It Alone

What impressed me a lot in the Parallel Profits system is the fact Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton offer a full training of the whole business model so you can take that and run with it. That's means you can start your own brand, have a website and perform the service while using their strategies.

So, you not STUCK with the franchise and you can do whatever you want.

However, I still recommend doing the franchise process. You simply can't beat the benefits unless you're already a big brand. Plus, you can build your brand at the same time or better yet after you earn some money and get experience.

In fact, that's what my bonus is all about.

Parallel Profits Bonus: Build and Earn

This is actually a two part bonus that you'll be able to use. I'll help you get more traffic to your offer and at the same time build your brand. What does that mean? I'll explain, when the system launches. For now this is the end of the review of parallel profits.

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