Slingly Review (Closes Today) This Is Your Last Chance To Get It

Slingly is the answer to the current PROBLEMS people face with eCommerce. Created by a seasoned eCommercer and mentor, Ricky Mataka, to help total beginners that never made a sale, and experienced users to take it to the next level.

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Creator: Ricky Mataka
Official Site:

Is Slingly Right For You?

slingly reviewLet's get something straight. Slingy is NOT one of those eCom scams that promise overnight richest by just starting your store and putting one item on.

If you're looking for some magical product that does that then I got nothing for you and you should just stop reading now.

Sorry for being blunt, but I've fallen for those types of scams before anmd wish someone was that honest and upfront with me.

So what is Slingly by Ricky Mataka?

slinglySlingly is truly a unique way to approach eCommerce. Unlike traditional systems and courses where they simply teach you or show you how to do ecom, slingly does more.

In fact, it takes care of the most technical and tedious aspects of eCommerce so you focus on what’s important.

What is that? Making sales and commissions with eCommerce. Ricky Mataka, the creator, made sure that’s exactly what all the user will be getting. For example, just BETA released created multiple 6 figure earners.

The difference is inside the software. Ricky calls it “no excuse ecom” why? Simple, it gives you the same system power-sellers use to manage all their ecommerce tasks. This means you mange inventory, create products on the the fly, source products through our system and so much more, all in one place.

This also works on multiple stores, systems, and platforms. All in one, ecom easy button. Which sounds great, but what’s the catch? There is only one. It is out for a limited time, and limited time only. This means you only can get it for about a week or so, or if they run out sooner.

Is eCom Even Worth it? How Much Money Can Be Made?

ecom-sales-300x206According to U.S. Commerce Department eCommerce has been steadily growing at 14% to 17% per year for the past 6 years.

On the other hand regular retails record only 1.5% growth.

With over $400 billion in sales eCommerce already accounts for 8.6% of total retail sales, and this number will continue to grow. In fact, projection shows it will even overtake retail in the next 25 years or so.

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Why Is This Important for Slingly?

Slingly takes the fact that:

  • there is a lot of money in eCommerce. $400 billion compared to only $4 billion in affiliate marketing.
  • it will only get bigger at 15% per year

As you can see eCom not only have the biggest potential of any online earning by $390 billion and growing, but this time the competition is still tame compared to online marketing forms.

That is why if someone asks me what is the best way to make money in 2017 and beyond, its been eCommerce. Especially considering it has 3 pillars that any good business needs.

  • Profitability – eCommerce with outsourcing, similar to affiliate marketing,  offers quick ROI without the need to invest your own money
  • Longevity – Building a long-term business should be a priority for any online venture. None of the other forms of marketing offer the stability and sheer growth as eCommerce Does.
  • Brand – Unlike other forms of marketing, with eCommerce you actually build a brand while creating an income for yourself.  In result you will have much more leverage, and can you even sell the business for millions.

Slingly Bonus

What is a good system without a great bonus? Well, I thought long and hard about this and decided to include a bonus that beats all the bonuses. How will I do that? Give you an unlimited amount of traffic of course.

Getting traffic is great, getting free traffic even better, getting organic traffic is the best. I’ll position your store, site or blog on top of the search engines to do just that.

Don't Leave Anything To Chance

slingly reviewOne of the biggest problems I faced when starting online was thinking I needed a perfect opportunity to start making money online. Problem was that I never even tried any of them, so how could I know?

That's why you shouldn't leave things like this to chance. A chance that one day there will be a system that you don't have to risk anything and it instantly makes money for you out of thin air.

Slingly is without a doubt one of the best opportunity you will have in 2017 to start earning big. So why not take it?

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